Airplane Baby Quilt – Quilted!

Finally! After a nice bout with the seam ripper (anyone seeing a theme? someday I’m gonna calculate how many inches I rip out…) I managed to line everything up and sew it together with the planes facing the right direction. I had everything laid out neatly on the floor, yet I still managed to completely screw it up. Luckily I only had to rip apart one row (24″ – but who’s counting?)

The quilt top, all nice and together and quilted and – wait, why is it off on the right?


I spent a good hour on the ground, smoothing and pinning and lining up and smoothing and pinning some more, and it STILL doesn’t come together right. The backside has several bumps and ridges…um, character for the baby to touch? Right, I was going for the tactile thing! Besides, you can totally tell it’s handmade this way!


I’m still debating if there’s enough lines to hold it together or if I should do everything again, six inches off from the first lines. (In half again.) But that would mean having to follow an arbitary mid-point instead of the actual one, and I barely stayed along the line for the first set! But, well, I think it needs it… And I could always measure and pin the midpoints.

Also, I’m convinced the whole quilt process wouldn’t go awry if I had a long-arm.

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  1. Hey honey —

    I think the solution is to baste it instead of pinning it. I’ll show you how when I come to TX. 🙂 Love ya honey!

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