Airplane Baby Quilt – Finished!

Not much to say, other than – woohoo, it’s done!


I did decide to add in a second line of quilting all around. I think it looks much better like this. Then I trimmed up all the edges. All ready for binding! How many tries will this take?


Amazingly, relatively few tries! I’m really bad at binding. REALLY bad. I don’t have the patience to hand sew or the skill to machine sew without seams going off everywhere. My recent solution has been to buy bigger bindings. (Yeah, I don’t make my own. Not a chance without some classes on that!) But this quilt has no border on the edges so the wider binding I bought covered way too much of the plane squares. So back to the skinny binding. That I suck at.

After going off the edge on the backing once, I decided to change to a decorative stitch. It might not be straight but maybe it would look good, and have the added bonus of going up and down the binding and maybe keeping everything in place. And for the most part, it worked! I used a nice scalloped stitch (ok, I thought it was going to be zig-zags… Perhaps I should take a scrap and run a line of all the stitches, since I don’t have my manual which might already have this…)

Corners worked out perfectly, transition between binding pieces went perfectly. In the end, there was only one spot where I lost the edges and had to redo. Threw it in the washer and dryer until it was nice and puffy…and had all my binding errors glaring at me. I have three spots to repair on the binding, but they’ve already been seam-ripped and are ready to go.  Should be fixed in about ten minutes and ready for the mail tomorrow. So I’m declaring it done for blog purposes!

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