Spring Messenger Bag – Interfacing

So, like I said, I didn’t use interfacing on my messenger bag. Mostly because, well, Home Ec class never covered interfacing and it’s not something typically used in quilting. Typically – in my research, I’ve learned that there is fusible batting which is a similar idea.

I head off to Hobby Lobby and get a half yard, deciding that “medium-to-heavy” would be right. Well, first off, interfacing isn’t doubled over a bolt like fabric. So already I have half as much as I need. And as I fuse the heavy stuff to the pocket fabric, it feels….heavy. But not too bad, so I go with it. Maybe it’ll get less stiff in the wash…

Back to Hobby Lobby for more interfacing, and what luck – there’s interfacing in the clearance bin! Two yards for $3! Yes! I can’t read the type because of the label over top of it, but how can you go wrong with clearance interfacing?

I mean, what are the chances that it could actually be fusible web?

So I had a heavy-duty-interfaced pocket and a very-barely-lightly-webbed-interfaced outer and liner.

So back to the store AGAIN! This time I actually looked at everything and purchased a yard and a half of medium-weight interfacing. And other than getting some of the sticky-stuff-that-makes-it-bond-to-the-fabric on the outer purse (and my poor borrowed iron), fusing goes along nicely.


I left the pocket with heavy interfacing, the outer with the web, and the inner with the web and medium interfacing.

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