Spring Messenger Bag – Sewing Together


Fabric for the inner and outer was doubled over and cut from the top edge like pictured – that way there was plenty of leftover on the bottom for long straps and solid pieces from the right side for scrap projects.


Because everyone loves knowing there was a cat butt on their purse.


Sewing the purse together is simple – first sew across the top of the wrong sides of the pocket (1/4 seam), flip and press. Line up the pocket between the wrong sides of the outer and sew it together. Match up the inner pocket, wrong sides, and sew together. Cut triangles into the corners to make it flip easier and press the seams out.  Then the inner lining goes inside the bag. Easy!

BTW, I like to wear skirts when I sew because when I clip the edges of the corners, it’s easier to catch everything in my lap.It’s a good catch-all for threads and such too.

Also, I use a (clean) meat skewer to get the corners perfectly pushed out. Alton Brown recommends a 12-inch metal with a loop on the end for the best kebab grilling – it’s also the best for sewing.

For the straps, I cut them at 3″ wide, one side from the green polka dots and the other from the purple flowers. Fused some interfacing to them, sewed them together on the wrong sides, pressed and flipped. Folded over the edges and sewed them together with a decorative stitch. Same decorative stitch up the other side. On the other purse, I sewed the wrong sides together on both sides, and then pulled it right side out, but I wasn’t sure how well that would work with the interfacing – it’s not exactly as fluid as fabric! (Yes, I know that’s the point now!)

My bag has one long strap attached to the bag portion. However, my friend’s daughter is obviously way smaller than me, so I cut the strap in half (actually, closer to 20″ on one and 24″ on the other). I was planning on rounding the ends of the straps and having my friend do a pretty tie to her daughter’s size, but the interfacing seemed too stiff to pull off a good knot.

So it was back to Hobby Lobby for a couple D-rings. Which are much harder than you’d think to sew onto the edge of the strap! After a couple of false starts, I got them attached, but the end of that strap looks a good bit messy. But once the straps are wound together and the green is on top of the purple, it looks really good. So good that I forgot to take a picture!

At this point, all that needs to be done is the top of the bag. Straps are pinned on properly, edges folded over neatly, decorative stitch applied, straps are tripled-stitched, and it’s done! And into the washer to remove all cat-butt-imprints.

I will add a picture of the finished product when my friend receives it, since I totally forgot to take a picture before getting it in the mail. I was in a hurry to get to the Post Office by five. Which turned out to be a moot point because in Texas, post offices close by 4:30. Luckily Mailboxes Etc does not!

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