Cake decoration – Race Car Cake

The Wee One was pretty dead set on a Speed Racer birthday party. Like, since August. Didn’t change his little three-year-old mind once in seven months. Unfortunately, his mother didn’t get the cake decorating genes in the family. I can’t even ice a cake without making a huge mess, never mind shape it like a race car. And Lord knows, I’m not going to buy a specially shaped cake pan that will get used once.

So I did what every good mother does – invited a couple grandmas out to make the cake.


The Wee One and Grammy consulted the Internet for a design. I was thinking something in a race car cupcake arrangement, but the race track from Family Fun won immediate preschooler approval.

The cake pan Mommy bought from Baker’s Secret won zero approval. The ripples on the bottom made it impossible to get the cake out. Luckily it only broke on one side which we trimmed anyway for the cake. Also luckily it was on clearance and only cost $4 and still works for other foods. Just not, um, cakes.

Since we’re transient hobos and only had one (sucky) cake pan, Grandma decided to bake one big cake which was frozen then cut in half. The Wee One chose chocolate cake because he likes seeing Mommy gag. All baking credits go to Grandma – and most everyone else said it was tasty.


Grammy gets the credit for shaping and icing. We didn’t bother with the green sprinkles or cookie crumbs from the recipe and did the white lane dividers in icing instead of candy. But we did manage to find a little race car candle set – and there were four candles in it ! Perfect!


Did the finished product satisfy the birthday boy? Of course!

Resourceful Grammy even managed to light a piece of spaghetti on the electric stove when we realized the transient hobos had no lighters. I guess that’s one bonus for the gas stove at our new house.

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