An Easter Basket Made from a Placemat (Making the Placemat)

I don’t know why I was inspired to do this. (Well, I do – a friend mentioned her plans to quilt a vodka bottle holder on Facebook, which naturally leads to the thought of an Easter basket for my kid. But that’s probably one of those things that I shouldn’t be admitting…)

The Wee One was not keen on the idea of the Easter Bunny. He was even told the Easter Bunny brings crap like Santa, and still didn’t believe me! I was torn between letting it go, since the Bunny is not really the reason for the season, or making a huge deal out of it so he believed me (and then totally missed the reason for the season.)

I even sang “The Easter Parade” to him. In public.

Finally I suggested we make his own Easter Basket. That got him on board.

That and the HEB commercial that mentions marshmallows in Easter Baskets. I need to write to the Bunny and make sure there’s marshmallows in there.

But it turns out, there’s not a huge amount of Easter Basket patterns out there! At least not with fabric. Finally I found this one from JCarolineCreative. The cone portion is kind of intimidating to me, so I’m not planning on deviating from her instructions one bit.

Well, except for the fact that I don’t have placemats and I’m not going to go buy one just for this. What I do have is leftover Air Force fabric from the airplane baby quilt! So based on her pattern, I whipped together a 17.5″x 11.5″ placemat. Actually, I was going for 18×12″, but something happened. What, I don’t know. Just something. I started out with 18.5×12.5″ fabric, used 1/4″ seams, but… Maybe it was my helpers.


The Wee One wanted to push the pedal. Notice the cat is wholly uninterested in projects if he can’t sit on them. He does, however, like to attempt to catch feet that push pedals. I was happy to let little boy hands take over.

I did decide to add some extra stiffness with interfacing, since I did such a fabulous job with the last interfacing. For this one, I decided that since I was using up leftovers, I would put bits and pieces of interfacing together like a puzzle. After all, they’re getting ironed on and quilted in, so what could possibly go wrong?


For once, the answer is nothing! (yet…)

Sewing was just wrong sides together, sewn on all four sides leaving 6″ or so on the top, cut the corners, turn it right-side out, jab at the corners with AB’s recommended metal meat skewers, sew that 6″ together. I quilted it together with a couple of zig-zags.


And there you have a placemat with which you can make an Easter Basket! If you’re not terrified of following the instructions. (You make a cone and somehow it becomes a basket? Really?)

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