An Easter Basket Made from a Placemat (Making the Basket)

This poor basket was made in a hurry after I finished the placemat – with lots of phone calls to Mom! I had to take the sewing machine from Texas to Oklahoma as soon as I was done with the basket, where it sat in a storage unit for nearly two months. And I could have hand-sewn a handle, but we left San Antonio three days after Easter, so I was a bit on the busy side with the packing! But, months later, we’re finally settled in Oklahoma. Everything is unpacked (including the hard drive with the Easter Basket pictures that I didn’t have access to for two months!) and I’m ready to catch up on quilts!

Which I need to do since my sister commissioned one, I’m doing two baby quilts for Christmas for my cousins, my sister-in-law is due in September, I have two friends due in August and November (and the November one will also be getting my first doll quilt!) and, to top it off, I might try to get a booth in a holiday marketplace, with doll quilts and crayon rolls and other little things. Good thing the Wee One is going to school in a month! Of course, this isn’t counting the Wee One’s always-in-progress Cars quilt or my niece’s perpetually-in-design quilt.

ANYWAY – like I said, the Easter basket. It’s from JCarolineCreative and I don’t understand the directions. OK, folding the placemat in half and sewing up the sides, I got.  But “Step 4,” the folding of the cone? Nope. I called Mom and she tried to understand/explain it to me. She also said I should try pinning it and checking if it was right before sewing, to eliminate the need for seam-ripping. Obviously she doesn’t know me all that well.


This is NOT how you fold the cone. If you do, it will look like this:


Seam ripping time! Mom and I had a long debate on getting this right, specifically focusing on the part that says you should stitch across 6″. In my first attempt, I was only stitching across 3″. I blame Mom, she should have realized (over the phone) that I was doing it wrong.


Even though it is awkward to fold it like this, THIS is how to do it. The top of the seam should be at the corner. Sew about three inches down. Six inches across, just like the instructions say. Go figure. Flip sides, do the same to the other, andwhen you turn it right-side out, it’s a little basket! Minus a handle, of course. If I had time, I would have tacked down the excess fabric (the portion the seam ripper is resting on above.) And if I had a lot more time, it would make a nice purse template once you put in a liner and a magnet clousure as well. And a handle – yeah, handles are important. I didn’t have time!


And the Wee One? Got himself some marshmallows.

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