Another Airplane Baby Quilt – Fabric & Pattern

It’s really not my fault. My husband’s in the Air Force. Most of our friends are Air Force. Most of our friends who have boys go with the airplane nursery theme. I’m not one to talk – the Wee One’s nursery was airplanes. (Now it’s a wonderful mix of space, airplanes and Mickey Mouse.) So when my friend J found out she was having a boy, I got ready to make another airplane quilt!

At least my sister-in-law is having a girl and has requested butterflies. And my next quilt for an Air Force friend will be monkeys!

So I got started on this one while in Virginia visiting my parents and continuing to live like a vagabond. (Virginia would be the third state and fourth address in nine months. Oklahoma is the fourth state and fifth address in ten months. Being a military family is super great!) Being a vagabond meant my sewing machine and the pattern I did for the last airplane quilt are in storage in Oklahoma.

But that’s ok – J got an assignment to England, so I had to make it quick, which for me, means a nice simple block quilt. I thought I’d pick some nice different types of fabric, like fleece and flannel and chenille, like all those pre-made block quilts you cn buy and finish at Joanns and Hobby Lobby.

Yeah, those suckers are not made by real people. Chenille SUCKS to quilt with. Luckily I got to leave all the delicate seam ripping to my mother. Love you, Mom!

Fabric choice was not too bad (though I’m sure Mom and the Wee One, who were dragged all through Joanns, would disagree.) We found some dark blue Air Force fabric right away, and debating using it for the front or back. After not finding much fabric that matched, we decided it would be the back and picked the following for the blocks on the front:


Clockwise from left top: blue terry cloth, blue & yellow stars on flannel, airplanes on polyester, stars on (evil) chenille. There were 17 blocks of airplanes and 6 blocks each of the others. And of course, now I don’t remember the yardage.

I cut everything into 6.5″ blocks because I couldn’t decide on a pattern. On paper, they all looked bad. Laid out, it was a harder decision. I asked on Facebook, and it became obvious that all the women in my family have OCD.




Design A didn’t look right with all the deep blue in the middle. Design B was random (as random as my OCD mother and I could make it.) Design C split up the deep blue and won the Facebook poll.

My original goal was to get the entire quilt done on Mom’s machine and shipped off to J before they left for England in July. The top went together fast – especially since Mom handed me each set of blocks ready to be sent through the machine. Even though we had issues with the (evil) chenille pulling and bunching and generally being evil, we had the top done in two hours.

(BTW, chenille melts when you iron it. It’s evil for quilts!)

Mom taught me to baste (next post) and I was all set to machine quilt it together and have it on its way. But Mom’s machine disagreed. Poor old thing. I suppose with a walking foot or maybe better thread it would have worked, but at that point I should have been packing for Oklahoma. So we gave up and decided I would finish it as soon as I got my sewing area set up in Oklahoma. After all, we had until July….

Yeah, J is in England already. She even has a house there. I think the baby is due in six weeks. And I still haven’t quilted it together. Thank goodness for APO addresses, at least! My goal is to get it quilted and bound and in the mail by the end of the week. Since the husband is off on yet another TDY, I have plenty of spare time! *sigh*

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