My New (Old) Singer

So yesterday while quilting the airplane baby quilt, I took a picture, ready to complain about the utter lack of space under the machine’s arm. I mean, look at how bunched up that is! And it’s just a little baby quilt! It’s a nice little machine – my mother-in-law gave it to me for Christmas several years ago. Got bunches of fun stitches, works fine on blocks and little craft projects. But quilting? Ugh. And free-hand quilting? Not a chance!


On a related note, a local sewing shop went out of business. (Walmart closed their fabric department, this store closed, I think I may be cursed!) They auctioned off all their stuff last night. I went, expecting maybe to get some deals on fabric or patterns or maybe some sort of fabric holder/display thing. They had about a half dozen Pfaffs and Berinas, but there were some serious quilters hanging around and I knew my chances of getting one at a cheap price was limited.

There were four antique sewing machines up front to start the auction. And…no one bid! Not even at $25!! Granted, they were missing parts and who knows if they even worked – but they each had their own sewing table and the table was worth it! So I bid $20 and got me a 1950 Singer sewing machine! With a Singer Centennial (1951 – year my parents were born!!) sticker! Without a power cord or foot pedal! Woo!


OK, I basically know nothing about vintage sewing machines. (Except they’re effing heavy, hence why the poor thing only made it to the garage.) I don’t even know the model number, though I know because it has an AJ in front of a number that it was made in 1950 in Elizabeth, NJ. (Woo! North Jersey!) The Singer website does sell power cords/foot pedals for $50. And manuals! Will probably need the manual. There’s quilt store two towns down with a repairman on call, so I’ll be calling to find out what he can do with vintage.

And meanwhile – wow, look at all the freaking space under that arm!! I can’t wait to free-hand on that thing! (Or if it never works, well, it’ll be nice to finally have  sewing table for my other little machine!)

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  1. Love your New Old machine. I have a couple. Were the serial numbers unreadable? I have collected vintage machines for a while, have some treadles and a handcrank. When you get it sewing and you will, You’ll enjoy it.


    • It says AJ340522 on it, which I think is the serial number? I was looking on some vintage machine sites and they keep talking about Featherweights and model numbers. I really don’t think my baby is a featherweight, unless feathers weighed a lot less in the 1950s! I can’t wait to get it into shape and actually quilt on it. 🙂

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