A Garden Visitor


Found this fellow visiting my pepper plants tonight while I was pruning and tying. The Wee One wanted it to crawl all over him like ladybugs. The Wee One loves ladybugs. He took one into the pool during a swim lesson. Luckily the poor thing survived his love.


We picked a couple of the peppers that were a bit wrinkly. I don’t remember what they are  – either habanero or chili red. And seeing as I can’t remember what they are, I can’t remember when/how to pick them!


Not that we can make salsa without tomatoes.

Oh wait!


OK, so it’s not ready for salsa. But it is my first tomato! I was starting to get worried because we planted seedlings so late in the season – not till mid-June because, well, we weren’t here. Twelve tomatoes and four pepper plants, all chosen for their shorter germination time. Which is still 70-75 days, so I’ll likely spend all of September picking. Good thing the Wee One has school!


I didn’t see blossoms on any of the plants until last week, and I never saw a blossom on this plant! Just found the lovely tomato when I was pruning!

The winner is a San Marzano Hybrid from The Tasteful Garden.


In order from back right to front right, they are:

Serrano Pepper – Garden Harvest Supply

Bell Boy Pepper – Garden Harvest Supply

Habanero Pepper – Lowe’s

Chili Red Pepper – Lowe’s

Better Boy Tomato – Lowe’s

Roma Tomato – Lowe’s

Roma Tomato – Lowe’s

Black Krim – Garden Harvest Supply

Fireworks – Tasteful Garden

Purple Russian – Tasteful Garden

San Marzano Hybrid – Tasteful Garden

Rose de Berne – Tasteful Garden

San Marzano Hybrid – Tasteful Garden

Opalka – Tasteful Garden

Creole – Garden Harvest Supply

Arkansas Traveler – Garden Harvest Supply

Oregano (I think it died) – Garden Harvest Supply

African Blue Basil (beyond thriving!) – Garden Harvest Supply

Flat Leaf Parsley – Garden Harvest Supply

English Thyme – Garden Harvest Supply

Kentucky Pole Bean (probably died) – Garden Harvest Supply

Sugar Daddy Peas (definitely died) – Garden Harvest Supply

Thumbelina Carrots (some died) – Garden Harvest Supply

Jack o’Lantern Pumpkin – Lowe’s

(Tomorrow I promise a sewing post! I had one quilt to bind, two stash projects in the works and the fabric for the monkey quilt should be here any day!)

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