Stash Project – Camo Crayon Belt

OK, this doesn’t really count as a stash project, not for me at least. I saw it, loved it, and bought fabric for it. But the fabric came from the remnants bin, so that should count for something, right?

I came across Grace Violet when searching for a ribbon blankie idea. She has a super cute ribbon football that I’ll probably make.  And the drawstring bag, and the fabric bucket, and the bandanna stuff, and… OK, I just love everything. But I started with the camo crayon belt because the Wee One wanted a crayon thing that was more boy-ish.

The camouflage fabric is 43″, which seemed about right, so I laid out a crayon and decided on 6″ for the belt width. Cut 7″ for 1/2″ seams.

Can I just mention how much I love this sewing gauge thingie? Never used it before but I use it all the time now!

Did a decorative stitch on the hems, but I don’t love it. Too girly. Next one, I’ll use a straight stitch or something more triangle-ish.

I thought about making this more like a sash, with a curved shoulder and hip, but I didn’t have a sash to pattern off of, so I went with a single piece of fabric, simply straight seamed at the bottom. If the seam at the bottom doesn’t look like it will hold up to the Wee One’s use, I’ll reinforce it on the next one. With a decorative stitch of course!

I bought 1.5″ ribbon for the crayon holding. Cut 16.5″ – 16 1″ crayon slots and 0.5″ for the seams. Since the belt is 6″ across, I put the ribbon 1.75″ from each edge. I started placing pins for the 1″ slots, but got bored by about the fifth.

So then I started just putting the gauge on the sewing machine. Oh, and on this crayon thing, I had to start and stop and backstitch and such since the crayons slide through. I’m not sure if I like it any better than the ups and downs of the continuous line crayon roll. Both are a pain!

And then you have all these threads to snip at the end!

Now that he’s tried it on, I think definitely next time I’ll cut in at the hip to make it sit better. As you can see, it fits regular crayons, big crayons, and big markers. Skinny markers fall out – I assume they’re too long. And if you want all markers, you might want to make it wider.

But in the end, it’s an hour-long project and a happy Wee One!

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