Out of This World (Space Valance)

When we were out hunting for fabric for the airplane block quilt, the Wee One discovered space fabric and fell in love. He got the Matchbox Space Shuttle for Christmas last year and it’s consistently been a top toy. Plus we went to the Houston Space Center in April, which thrilled him to no end – he wanted to spend the entire vacation there. Woo, landing the Space Shuttle!

So when it came time to pick his bedroom theme, it was pretty much a given. Which sucks, since we have an airplane lamp and a Mickey airplane lamp and a Mickey airplane picture and an airplane shelf and airplane hooks and all those Disney lithographs and not to mention, the Perpetually-in-Progress Cars quilt. Oh well, the PIP Cars quilt can just not match and all that airplane stuff can go in the playroom/future nursery.

And so it was off to JoAnn’s to buy some space fabric. This fabric actually has a better “feel” than most JoAnn’s fabric – nice and soft. Too bad it’s only for a valance! Um, I think we bought a yard, knowing that it was 42-44″ fabric that we would be slicing in half to get two 20″ or so panels.

I super-generously let Mom hem the sides of the valance. (Hey, I pinned the hem for her!) Then I got to use my trusty little gauge again to pin the pocket at 4″. I would have turned over the bottom edge, but his window is really long and I was worried about it being too short. So I skimped.

The previous owners left a curtain rod with a 2″ rod, so we figured 4″ would give about a 1″ ruffle on top after all the seams.

Yep, right on the 1″ mark! BTW, I recommend picking which side you’re planning on sewing on and sticking with it. Also, it helps to remember to change the stitch length back from your quilting one. *roll eyes*

They slid easily onto the rod, not so easily around the corner. So I won’t be taking them off again!!

As you can see, we bought black panel curtains for behind the valance, which is why I didn’t use any backing on it.

Up next: the rest of the space themed bedroom! (OK, no sewing involved. But I did constellations on the ceiling and if I’m going to spend time messing up my neck to put up teeny stars, someone has to admire them!)

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