Monkey See, Monkey Quilt! (Binding & Done!)

So last weekend, Mom did as promised and showed me how to hand sew a binding. I did the machine work and even cut my own binding for this one – the same brown dots from the quilt. The doll quilt, I cut 2″ for double fold binding and got very nervous about how close it was to the edge. I’m not to 1/4″ binding yet! So I cut 2.5″ for double fold for the quilt. Mom showed me the basic stitch (and a blanket stitch, but let’s not get too far advanced!) and did about half the quilt before handing it over. See if you can tell where she stops and I start:

Ha, trick question! It’s actually where I stop and she starts – look, my stitches are more hidden than hers! OK, OK, her’s are way more even. And her corner was way better than mine – though I was getting pretty good by the third corner!

So I spent most of the afternoon stitching the binding and refreshing Facebook. Fun fun! I quickly broke out the new leather thimble to protect my middle finger – and here I thought it was to protect thumbs! After about three hours of work – I was getting faster by the end – I had the whole quilt bound. Woohoo!

And now I need to bind the doll quilt and everything will be in the mail! Before the third trimester, even!

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