Perpetually-in-Progress Cars Quilt (Finished Back…Maybe?)

So after an hour or so of slicing, dicing, measuring, pinning and sewing, I finished the back of the quilt. I mean, so you would think, using all those precise measurements and such from last week.

But this is the PiP Cars Quilt for a reason! And the reason, apparently, is because even the best laid plans somehow get way off track.

It’s 54×46 inches. It was supposed to be 50×42.

Yeah, I don’t know where I went wrong, either. You’d think simply adding a 3″ border all around would be easy! I guess I was supposed to add 3″ total? But still, there’s over an inch extra.

But, other than the minor squaring up I need to do, the back looks nice. And it would be nice to declare SOMETHING finished on this thing…

So in other words, I’ll be re-working the front plan. Again!

Yeah, this thing is gonna look like a mess. Current plan involves weird things like the red McQueens on the bottom, black and red alternating on the top, adding red to the sides of the alternating ones because I just don’t have quite enough… Good thing the Wee One isn’t a critic!

And now I’ve got some seam ripping to do…

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