The Neglected Garden (& Everything Else!)

Yeah, I know, no posty lately! We have been super busy – we did Kites Over Enid last week, then a garage sale the nest two days, then I’ve been cleaning the garage and boxing up the leftover donations. Don’t worry, I found some spare time to hit up Hobby Lobby’s pattern sale! Simplicity patterns for 99-cents! Go now!

So not only has the blog and sewing been neglected, but so had my poor garden. Which means, of course, the trumpet vine is out of control. A hornworm got into my tomatoes and luckily(??) only took out one plant.

Even though it’s mid-September, my other tomato plants are newly thriving. They’re topping the 6′ stakes and still shooting out flowers. A bee was busy among them, so I tied and pruned and got out of the way. I don’t know if I’ll get much more tomatoes this year, but they certainly like the cool, damp weather we’ve had this fall.

(So have the mosquitos. Itchy!!)

I’ve learned from this year’s garden – when tomato plants get that big, it’s hard to reach around them to prune the back row. Next year, one row of tomatoes with something shorter in front!And something shorter would not be basil – that thing is freaking loving its corner of the garden. I guess my roasted tomato basil soup will at least contain homegrown basil!

We’ve also been talking about getting a landscaper out this fall to remove some of the crape myrtles along the house, including the one in the corner of the garden. From what I’ve read, they love to reseed themselves, so I’m guessing the garden one was not one of the original – they line our fence and house and are quite lovely….when you keep up with the maintenance.

My husband also agreed to take out the trumpet vine. I assume this means he’s going to find me some uranium. Woohoo! I’m hoping we’ll be able to leave the little tree in that corner of the garden, but since the evil vine is wrapped around it…

I have visions of buckets of morning glories covering the trellis next summer. (Oh, crud, according to Wikipedia, morning glory is also an evil vine! Is there any vine that is not evil?)

OK, now that the garden update is out of the way… I promise, lots more posts this week! I’ve got patterns to share, a new set-up for the sewing table, Kites Over Enid, the PiP Cars quilt, Cinderella Castle…

Oh, and because I have all this spare time… I’m doing the pajama sew-along on Sew Mama Sew, making matching Christmas jammies for the Wee One and his cousin, the Gator. I am obsessed with really love matching jammies. If we ever have more kids, they’ll have those fake “Mom is crazy” smiles in front of the fireplace on Christmas morning, all wearing matching footie pajamas when they’re in their teens.

Until then, the poor Gator gets tortured along with the Wee One. She’s being bribed with a twirl skirt.

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