Ding Dong

Doorbell rings at 4:20 in the morning.  Is it:

a) Robbers casing the joint

b) Candygram

3) Cops letting us know that our tree cracked in half and was blocking 3/4ths of the road.

I’m assuming C is the correct answer since the City workers told me the police called it in earlier. I wasn’t about to answer the door at 4 am, though, cops or not! At 7:30, our neighbor called and informed us of the wayward tree branch. City was called at 7:35, City was there by 7:50 when I got back from dropping the Wee One at school, tree branch was cut up and finished by 8:45. Very efficient!

Of course, we got a quote from a tree trimmer about a week ago about all our landscaping needs, including trimming the branches of that tree off the street level and thinning it out so it’s not as heavy. We’re scheduled for early next week. Guess the tree didn’t want to wait! He’s actually coming out today to take a look and see if we can save the tree itself now.

It looks like it was struck by lightning – even though we didn’t have any! It might have happened earlier and the heavy winds we had did it in. But these are definitely burn marks.

The landscaper is also removing about 1/4 of the crape myrtles around the side and back yards, committing “crape murder” on some of the others so we can start over and keep them manageable, and attempting to kill off the trumpet vine. He’s also removing a half dozen small trees in the backyard that are, apparently, wild mulberry trees, and cause staining bird poop. Once he’s done it’s going to look a lot less weedy and random, I hope! And then in the spring we can start the process of landscaping and planting my raised bed garden on schedule.

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