Kid Craft – Halloween Ghosties

I like this one because it’s easy on Mommy, and uses stuff you have around the house. Or, at least, stuff I have around the house. Just:

tissue paper (can be leftovers), coffee filters (which you can skip), ribbon (or something to tie with) and styrofoam balls (or pom-poms or bouncy balls or anything round.)

It helps to have an “expert color-er” as well.

Oh yeah, these are some colorful ghosts.

For the little ones (1.5″ Styrofoam balls), I cut the tissue paper into fourths. For the big ones (2″ balls) I used the whole sheet. Cut enough ribbon to tie a loop. Cut a slit as wide as the ribbon in the coffee filter and tissue paper. Slide ribbon through. Curse when you realize you cut the slit too big. Tape ribbon into place on bottom of coffee filter. Pile the whole mess together – ball, filter, tissue paper – and tie another piece of ribbon under the ball. Hand ghost to small child for decorating.

They look great on the mantle.

They* look great on a chandelier.

They will not look great hanging outside.


*The chandelier ones were made with cut up egg cartons instead of balls. I don’t recommend it. Not nicely rounded. Halloween ideas for egg cartons:





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