I Just Wanna Be a Cowboy Baby Quilt – Finished!

Updates will be sporadic this month – it’s Nanowrimo and I’m writing! No words to spare for a blog! You want blogging, do Nablopomo. 😉

Anyway, I did the backside of the Cowboys quilt in simple blocks. These were 8″, so in order to make the thing big enough, I added strips of muslin leftover from Speed Racer’s costume.

I knew I was using 2″ pink satin blanket binding, so all the muslin would be covered.

I basted it in one direction with thread like my mother taught me. I could almost hear her yelling “Don’t pick up the fabric!” with every stitch. Hand-basting like that takes me forever, though, so I decide one direction was better than nothing.

Then I quilted it, using stitch-in-the-ditch on the major block lines on the front with dark blue thread, then a series of stars 1″ apart inside the stars with pink thread. BTW, don’t baste right where you know you’re going to be SITDing. Duh.

(Yeah, I managed to keep that cat off the quilt the entire time…then he walks across it in the final pictures before shipping. Argh!)

I think the quilting of the stars really worked nicely and added a lot of detail to the quilt. Very happy with the end result!

The finished front, with satin binding:

And the finished back:

I loved using satin blanket binding for this, because it adds texture and man, is it way easier than hand sewing the binding. I’ve been working on binding the Ashley quilt in my spare time for a couple weeks now and it’s still not done!

OK, now back to my regularly scheduled Nano!

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