Christmas Jammies (for the Gator)

Finished the Gator’s Christmas jammies today! Yay for matching jammies! (Poor, poor children.) The only changes I made from the Wee One’s was to make her’s shorter. Much shorter. My kid is tall! And went through another growth spurt after I made his jammies… Hmm, did I ever get around to hemming his pants?

I did learn from my mistakes on the Wee One’s. I sewed the accent edging on before sewing the sleeves together – wow, isn’t that much easier? I also tried “overlocking” the edges with my zigzag stitch. I’m not sure it worked great. Have I mentioned my desire for a serger? And a Pfaff? (But that’s another post.)

“What do you mean, can I get any closer? Is that a challenge?”

Finished! Minus the hemming. But since she’s there and I’m here, hemming has to be done by someone there. I have a feeling there’s going to be very little red accent when the hemming is done, but I wanted to make sure there was enough in case!

And yeah, the stupid V at the neck came out bad on her’s too. Next time, I’m skipping that. (Assuming they can get it over their heads without it!)

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  1. Gator Girl growth spurted since I gave you the measurements, so it may not need as much hemming as you think. We’ll see, I guess!

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