Another Two Crayon Rolls

Mostly to note, I love my chalk writer. Love, love, love, love, love it! Because you know what you can do with it?

That’s right, you can draw perfectly straight lines exactly an inch apart! Woo!

The other thing I changed up was sewing the ribbon into the side with the first seam instead of the final seam. I think it worked better, in that I didn’t have to worry about that staying in place while sewing close to the edge. I did backstitch over the ribbon to make sure it’s secure.

These are for the girl cousins on my Christmas list. I love the horse fabric – it’s Horseplay by Connie Haley for Elizabeth’s Studio, and I bought it at Jackman’s in Fairview Heights, IL, while visiting a friend over Thanksgiving. It’s muted and pink and horsey without being too much of it!

The princesses are from Hobby Lobby, and it’s a very stiff fabric (in contrast, I have a “glittery” Fairy Frost by Michael Miller that is so soft!) I cut out another Princess Aurora between Snow White and Cinderella, so that all three would get to be seen. Look at that, prior planning!

Oh, and both of them have some pre-quilted pink for the back. It was in the remnants section. What can I say? I love cheap backing!

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