My Stash

See that? Right there? That cost me $600.

No, not the fabric. That cat.

*sigh* Two rounds of antibiotics, X-rays and surgery removing a bladder stone. A reoccurring bladder stone. That’s the cost of the Brother Innovis 900 I was drooling over at the OKC Quilt Show a couple weekends ago.

In case you’re wondering, that’s the third shelf he’s sleeping on, about 4.5-5′ high. It’s good to know bladder surgery didn’t slow him down.

Anyway… A friend from high school asked me to make a crochet hook holder, and I told her I’d take a picture of some fabrics to give her a choice. After laying some out, I decided to take pictures of most of my fabric, instead, just to have around if other people are wanting something. It’s not everything I have – there’s a lot more scraps and usually most previously-pictured-projects have leftovers. But it’s the good sized chunks that can be used for various projects.

(As an aside, the shelf Tycho is sleeping on has my various collections-in-progress – Cars fabrics, Wizard of Oz fabrics, Monet/Renoir fabrics, and Cinderella fabrics. All of these, minus Cinderella for my sister, are personal projects, so I don’t mind if he sleeps on them!)

Some prints:

Greens and reds:

Pinks and browns and purples:


Yellows and tropical:



So if you see something you like, and you have a project in mind, let me know!

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