Measure twice, cut…oops… (Welcome to the Jungle Quilt)

Hmm, looks like it’s time to test my quilt teacher’s theory that all fabric can be stretched…

Whew – crisis averted!

This one is for my cousin’s baby. My second cousin? My cousin once removed? I dunno. Anyway, his nursery is jungle, so when I saw the Jungle Babies by Patty Reed fabric (especially the panel, which is the backside of this one), I knew it would work.

Went into this pattern-less. It was a bit of a pain since there wasn’t a good “line” to cut the animals on, especially on the horizontal. Vertically, I cut along the giraffe, since that seemed to do the least damage, and then I cut the panels on the horizontal evenly to get five pieces.

The giraffe “fur” is flannel from the Jungle Babies line (as is the green fern fabric). The lion “fur” is, um, I think a Bernatex? It’s fuzzy but NOT minkee.

I quilted it with variegated green thread, which looks pretty cool, minus the fact that my machine had a really hard time with it. The lines are not at all straight and it would skip stitches and lengthen stitches for no apparent reason. I think my machine is trying to give up on me.

I’m binding it with the green bananas from Monkey See, Monkey Quilt. I actually really wanted to finish it with tiger fur (in keeping with the lion and the giraffe accent fabrics) but I couldn’t find any. Cheetah, yes. Zebra, yes. Tiger, oddly no.

I’m finishing the binding with rick-rack – an experiment to get out of hand sewing it. We’ll see how that goes this afternoon or tomorrow! (Maybe Hobby Lobby will have tiger rick-rack…)

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PJ pants are so easy!

Man, I love the remnants bin. Dino fleece, just enough for PJ pants, for $1! Whipped it together yesterday when I ran out of variegated green thread for the jungle quilt.

Used the same pattern as the Christmas jammies, except added four inches to the bottom. Maybe these will last longer than two months!

Tried to figure out the blind stitch hem on the waist. Even when folding an index card to match the picture in my manual, I couldn’t figure it out. I’m going to hunt down a tutorial on Youtube and try to get it right on the pant legs. After I finish up the jungle quilt, now that I have another spool to work with!

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Homemade Christmas – Tutu

What? Just because Christmas was two months ago, I can’t have a post about it? I’m telling you – I’m just that far behind!

Anyway, this is a great, easy, year-round project. Every girl needs a tutu. And my niece, the Gator, needed a “purple and hot pink” tutu, to be exact. I used the knotted method of tutu-making.

Things I did differently:

I bought three spools of 6″ tulle (25 yards). It’s more expensive. Way more expensive. However, it also involves less cutting, since all the strips are the right size.

I cut the strips to about 20-25″ long. (This used about 25 yards of tulle, total, so you can get it out of one spool. But who wants a single color tutu?)

I didn’t stack the tulle in each knot – I knotted each one separately. Actually, I did double-stack them at first, but I thought it made the waist very thick, so I undid the whole thing and single-knotted it.

I did add ribbon every three knots, in the requested hot pink.

Did she like it?

Well, she wanted to wear it to swim class the next day. So… 🙂

(BTW, yes, she’s wearing the Christmas jammies I made. I can’t even begin to describe how much I hate how the top came out. Ick. Not to mention, the Wee One needs a new name because he grew two inches after I made his Christmas jammies, hence the wearing of the Christmas capris.)

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Stash Project – Pennant Flags

A friend the best wedding photographer in Orlando asked me to make these for her to advertise her business, and I found (after drawing lines for an hour!) that they’re the PERFECT fat quarter project. Really! You can cut exactly six 8×10 flags from each, or ten smaller flags. (I don’t remember how small. 8×10 is perfect so stick with that.)

All the instructions I could find online were vague about the cutting and mostly no-sew. I wanted to back the flags in pink felt (um, because it was in the remnants) so the flags wouldn’t flap in the wind. After all, these need to be reuseable!

So I started by folding the FQ in half on the shorter side (you’ll have 9″ showing) and cutting that in half (at the 10.5″ mark.)

Next, mark each 10.5×18″ section at the 4.5″ and 13.5″ point on the top, and the 9″ and 18″ at the bottom. Slice and dice between the marks. (OK, so they’re more like 8.5×10″ flags. I’m allowing you a half inch for error.)

And there you have three flags! (I stacked here, which is why you can see the flowers under the stripes.) Rinse and repeat with as many FQs as you want. I used four for a total length of 27′ of flags. Don’t worry about the half-flags. We’ll get to them later.

Cut whatever backing you’re using, as well. Sew the front to the backing (make sure you keep front sides together if the backing has a front side!) Leave the top open. Trim tops/sides/the tip of the bottom.

Turn the flags right side out and iron them nice and flat. If you’re using felt, don’t iron the felt side. I’m just saying.

Get whatever binding you’re comfortable using – I bought half inch double fold. Since I had four FQs and we wanted at least 4″ in between each flag, we decided on three packages of 3-yard binding. Unfold it, pin it down, and sew across the first fold line on every flag. Just for added security in the Florida hurricanes.

Once all the flags are secured, fold the binding back over and top-stitch along the entire binding, even between flags, so everything stays where it should. If you’re being fancy, use a pretty stitch. I thought about doing rickrack, but it didn’t look right to me. Form your own opinions.

And there you have a cruddy picture of the finished flags! It was snowing and I wasn’t going outside to hang them up, and I have no where attractive indoors to hang 27′ of these things. I’m begging my friend to send a picture from her event.

BTW, she choose the fabric based on this wedding. Which is my favorite wedding ever. The next time I get married, I’m totally doing the carnival. It’s Michael Miller Plain Jane Aqua. So cheerful! I love the way the big flowers look on the flags, especially that red one in the middle right. Adorable!

Oh, and remember the half-flags? Put them back together and you have a FQ again!

OK, actually, I’m going to sew them together, sash them, border them, quilt them and bind them, and send them off to Project Linus in my friend’s name.

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