Homemade Christmas – Tutu

What? Just because Christmas was two months ago, I can’t have a post about it? I’m telling you – I’m just that far behind!

Anyway, this is a great, easy, year-round project. Every girl needs a tutu. And my niece, the Gator, needed a “purple and hot pink” tutu, to be exact. I used the knotted method of tutu-making.

Things I did differently:

I bought three spools of 6″ tulle (25 yards). It’s more expensive. Way more expensive. However, it also involves less cutting, since all the strips are the right size.

I cut the strips to about 20-25″ long. (This used about 25 yards of tulle, total, so you can get it out of one spool. But who wants a single color tutu?)

I didn’t stack the tulle in each knot – I knotted each one separately. Actually, I did double-stack them at first, but I thought it made the waist very thick, so I undid the whole thing and single-knotted it.

I did add ribbon every three knots, in the requested hot pink.

Did she like it?

Well, she wanted to wear it to swim class the next day. So… 🙂

(BTW, yes, she’s wearing the Christmas jammies I made. I can’t even begin to describe how much I hate how the top came out. Ick. Not to mention, the Wee One needs a new name because he grew two inches after I made his Christmas jammies, hence the wearing of the Christmas capris.)

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  1. I wonder if the thickness is why my daughter didn’t like hers. She does wear it from time to time, but it’s not all that practical.

    Her new favorite colors are pink and purple, so maybe it’s time for a new (single layer) tutu. 🙂

    Thanks for linking!

  2. I dunno – it just seemed very thick at the waist to me. The single layer is much trimmer, and I fit just as many strips on it as I did when the strips were doubled.

    Thanks for writing the tutorial! Saved me trying to explain the looping thing! 🙂

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