Measure twice, cut…oops… (Welcome to the Jungle Quilt)

Hmm, looks like it’s time to test my quilt teacher’s theory that all fabric can be stretched…

Whew – crisis averted!

This one is for my cousin’s baby. My second cousin? My cousin once removed? I dunno. Anyway, his nursery is jungle, so when I saw the Jungle Babies by Patty Reed fabric (especially the panel, which is the backside of this one), I knew it would work.

Went into this pattern-less. It was a bit of a pain since there wasn’t a good “line” to cut the animals on, especially on the horizontal. Vertically, I cut along the giraffe, since that seemed to do the least damage, and then I cut the panels on the horizontal evenly to get five pieces.

The giraffe “fur” is flannel from the Jungle Babies line (as is the green fern fabric). The lion “fur” is, um, I think a Bernatex? It’s fuzzy but NOT minkee.

I quilted it with variegated green thread, which looks pretty cool, minus the fact that my machine had a really hard time with it. The lines are not at all straight and it would skip stitches and lengthen stitches for no apparent reason. I think my machine is trying to give up on me.

I’m binding it with the green bananas from Monkey See, Monkey Quilt. I actually really wanted to finish it with tiger fur (in keeping with the lion and the giraffe accent fabrics) but I couldn’t find any. Cheetah, yes. Zebra, yes. Tiger, oddly no.

I’m finishing the binding with rick-rack – an experiment to get out of hand sewing it. We’ll see how that goes this afternoon or tomorrow! (Maybe Hobby Lobby will have tiger rick-rack…)

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