New-to-Me Janome MC10000

This is my March surprise! Okay, it’s not really a surprise to anyone since I haven’t stopped talking about it. I’ve been looking into buying a new sewing machine, possibly a sewing/embroidery machine. But oh man, the cost. I was trying to decide between a new Pfaff sewing-only, or waiting for a used dual machine, when my sister stumbled on this one.

It’s a Janome MC10000 from someone who upgraded to the MC11000. I think I hesitated about thirty seconds before saying “yes yes yes I want it!!” And she sent the stabilizer table seen above, and four hoops, and four or five embroidery cards with it. Not to mention the feet.

All these plus another couple I found at the top of the machine. I think I’ve identified all but three at this point. Pin tucking, check. Gathering, check. Three sizes of rolled hems, check. Cording, piping, zipper, buttons, check, check, check and double check. Quarter-inch quilting foot? No check. Thank goodness there’s a machine dealer in town! And the zig-zag foot has a quarter inch marking on it, I think. Still need to go measure.

And yeah, I haven’t a clue how to use this sucker. It has three manuals! Terrifying! But I’m still going to try it out, because it’s National Quilting Day. 🙂 Really. I’m not going to spend the whole day online, shopping for quilting embroidery patterns. And definitely won’t spend the whole day waffling over the Love U jelly roll on someone’s Etsy page. (It’s on sale! Totally justified! Just because it’s for my cousin’s twins and I haven’t even finished big sister’s quilt yet doesn’t mean I can’t shop…)

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  1. Hello! Saw your “introduce yourself” paragraph on the OKC Modern Quilt Guild. I have an older Bernina that I won in the Houston Quilt Show a long, long time ago that I just love. The old machines are made from metal and the new ones from plastic. I have a guy that actually comes to your house to repair and service sewing machines and he said the new ones have tons of problems if you use them very much. Anyway, please visit our blog and enter our giveaways for free fabric! We have one going all the time. Hopefully the guild will have a meeting and we can all meet in person. Enjoy your new machine!

    Cheery wave from

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