Not Exactly As Planned – Cinderelly Quilt

Yeah, who doubted my awesome ability to get all those blocks 12.5″ square? You were right! Apparently I started writing the squares in top by sides, then switched to sides by top. It makes a big difference, unfortunately. I was able to trim and piece things together to make blocks that are 12×11.” So not a total waste.

I decided on a 4×3 block layout – the back will be the same horizontal orientation, plus the “story” flows better.

Oh, and yes, that’s my first applique block on the bottom right. 🙂 It still needs its purple stars. The glass slipper is the Fairy Frost Cloud that will be utilized on the back of the quilt, the background will also be in the border of this side, and the outline and words are in a variegated purple thread.

The applique is based on this block. And don’t you love the quote? It’s my motto.

I’m doing the sashing in Fairy Frost Wisteria, because the one thing this quilt needs more of is purple fabric.

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Math – Cinderelly Quilt

After about an hour of very careful calculations – remember an extra 1/2″ for seams! – and an hour of sketching out lengths needed on graph paper, and two hours of VERY CAREFUL cutting, I have this:

If we were right, each block will be 12.5″ square.

If we were wrong…

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Pinwheels Are Directional – Mistress Fairy Quilt Contrary

And if you don’t pay attention to which direction 90% of your pinwheels are turning, 10% will have to be seam-ripped. If you’re lucky, you’ll figure that out within the first ten and only one will need to be re-done.

Wait, ten? Only ten? I’ve been sewing and trimming half-square triangles for weeks! And matching and sewing pinwheels for weeks! I run squares through the sewing machine at the beginning and end of just about every other project… These pinwheels take forever.

But I’m getting there. With ten, I laid out the beginnings of the quilt this evening.

Since I’m missing two strips of the pink, the pinwheels are only going in would-be-pink spots. I don’t think it looks too concentrated, though, since they spread out fairly quickly. Still, I might need to work on that top right corner. We’ll see once I get more pinwheels done and laid out.

I really need to calculate how big this thing is going to be – with so many little blocks, I can’t visualize the size and how many more pinwheels I need.

And oh man, it’s going to take careful, paying-attention-y sewing to make sure all those little blocks find their correct spots in the grand scheme of it all.

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Twisted Sister – Quilting

Since there’s a good bit more room under my Janome’s arm, I tried some “free-motion” quilting on this one. It wasn’t really free – I just guided along curved lines using a straight stitch. I’m not brave enough to go completely free.

The blocks were 6″ so I searched the kitchen for a plate or cup or something to trace. Turns out, a pot lid was the only thing that worked.

I did the first row in chalk, but it rubs off so fast! Good for crayon rolls when I want the line gone quickly. Not so good on quilting. I bought a wash-out pen and it worked well. You know, when I could actually see the quilt I was writing on.

I think it came out well! And it really wasn’t that hard.

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Twisted Sister Ribbon Blankie

Hmmm, what to do with all these scraps?

Matching ribbon blankie!

This is the first thing I’ve ever made “wonkily” – it’s very un-OCD! I sewed together four varying strips, twice (okay, in the same sequence on both blocks), then sliced them in half – ooh, but NOT in half! More like three-quarters and one-quarter! Daring! And then pieced as shown.

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Mistress Fairy, Quilt Contrary – Fabric & Pattern

My cousin gave me some guidelines for her daughter’s quilt – gardeny and pink and fairies.

It started as a simple four-patch in pinks and greens from Hobby Lobby.

Until she showed up. (From JoAnn’s.)

And started sprinkling pixie dust all over everything. (Pinwheel was originally the above Fairy Frost in Cloud by Michael Miller, which I have on hand for the Cinderella quilt. It doesn’t pop, though, so it’s been replaced with a sparkly blue from Hobby Lobby.)

WHAT? Oh come on, you knew this picture was coming.

I am slowly making half-squares and pinwheels every time I sit down and sew something else. Trimming half-squares makes me long for a kitchen-island-height craft table.

However, I’m finally close to having enough to put it all together! I’m thinking the pixie dust will scatter across the quilt and end in a final burst of…something. I’ve been watching p.s. i quilt’s pinwheel sampler for ideas.

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