Pinwheels Are Directional – Mistress Fairy Quilt Contrary

And if you don’t pay attention to which direction 90% of your pinwheels are turning, 10% will have to be seam-ripped. If you’re lucky, you’ll figure that out within the first ten and only one will need to be re-done.

Wait, ten? Only ten? I’ve been sewing and trimming half-square triangles for weeks! And matching and sewing pinwheels for weeks! I run squares through the sewing machine at the beginning and end of just about every other project… These pinwheels take forever.

But I’m getting there. With ten, I laid out the beginnings of the quilt this evening.

Since I’m missing two strips of the pink, the pinwheels are only going in would-be-pink spots. I don’t think it looks too concentrated, though, since they spread out fairly quickly. Still, I might need to work on that top right corner. We’ll see once I get more pinwheels done and laid out.

I really need to calculate how big this thing is going to be – with so many little blocks, I can’t visualize the size and how many more pinwheels I need.

And oh man, it’s going to take careful, paying-attention-y sewing to make sure all those little blocks find their correct spots in the grand scheme of it all.

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