Space Shuttle Cake

OK, so I’m months behind on this one. The Wee One is also not so wee.

This was January in front of Mission: Space.

He turned five a couple months back, and today I noticed he is taller than my elbow. He’s more than 2/3rds of my height! I’m going to be looking up at him before the end of elementary school! And he’s still under 40 pounds.

So I need a new nickname.

And he needed a space shuttle birthday cake.

Space shuttle cake construction – easy. Bake a cake in a 9×13″ pan. Cut off the two top corners and stick them on the bottom sides.

Space shuttle cake icing – almost easy. Freeze the cake first, and less crumbs come off in the icing process. But buy a cake board bigger than 13×9.

Space shuttle details – um, hard. I suck at piping. Google images has much better examples. Some with candy! Candy probably would have tasted better than black icing, too…

Maybe Twizzlers out of the bottom as fire… Man, this one could have been a lot cooler.

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Yoga Hopscotch Mat

For the Wee One’s end of school gift to his teachers, I thought about a handprint quilt. Then I ran out of time. Then I thought about sewing a hopscotch mat like the one the Wee One has been brainwashed asking for after seeing it on Nick JR. Then I ran out of time. When I started Googling for solutions, I read a site mentioning putting a yoga mat as the back to keep it from slipping.

Well, why not skip the middleman?

We headed to Walmart and bought a yoga mat (not the greatest color choices, but what can you do when Walmart is the only option?) and a pack of Sharpies. I already had the painter’s tape leftover at home. A little measuring and math, and I discovered 8″ squares with 1″ borders would fit the best. (The mat was 68×24″.)

I taped out the squares – the singles are 7″ from the edge, and the doubles are 2.5″. I think I started about 2.5″ up from the edge.

Then I printed out numbers (Snap ITC at 300 – too cute!), traced, and filled everything in. It took one blue and two red Sharpies. The bean bag is made out of cute number fabric I got for the original project. Now I have two yards that I don’t know what to do with… Maybe next year I’ll make a handprint quilt…

The second-to-last day of school was a rainy day, so the kids got to try it out immediately.

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Finished top and backing – Mistress Fairy Quilt Contrary

I’m getting lots of sewing done lately – unfortunately, not lots of blogging. So here’s a quick update and I hope to do more over the next couple of days. After I get some plants in the ground!

I finished up the quilt top for Mistress Fairy, Quilt Contrary. I think it looks fun! The outer-most border is strips leftover from making the squares, so varying widths. I meant to put the last pinwheel in the very top corner, but, um, oops. Oh well.

I love the backing – the applique fairy looks like she hopped right off the fabric. It’s the Secret Life of Fairies, designed by Salina Yoon for RJR Fabrics. I got it at the Golden D’Or Fabric Outlet in Dallas. If you live near there, you should totally go! It’s an, um, interesting neighborhood, but once inside, it’s a huge warehouse crammed with fabric – lots of home decor and clothing fabrics (we’re talking a whole room for spandex), but a decent selection of cottons. I’ve been twice and got close to 35 yards for less than $100. So obviously, I’ve got a lot of fabric to work through right now!

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Twisted Sister – Finished!

I can’t believe I forgot to post this! The quilt was finished a month ago and sent off to the new mommy. Who, despite having a week old baby, sent a thank you note immediately.

All crinkled up and ready to go. I used a leaf stitch to sew on the binding, and a bit in the borders.

Front and back.

And just the front.

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Filling It In – Mistress Fairy Quilt Contrary

Sewed all the squares into four-patches. Either pink/green/pink/green, or pinwheel/green/pink/green. Made it a whole lot easier to lay out. And realize I need a lot more pinks and green.

Or I needed to make the quilt a little smaller…

It’s currently 32×32″, but I’m adding 6″ in borders – white and leftover pink/green strips, and more pinwheels, since that fairy just can’t control her pixie dust.

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