Space Shuttle Cake

OK, so I’m months behind on this one. The Wee One is also not so wee.

This was January in front of Mission: Space.

He turned five a couple months back, and today I noticed he is taller than my elbow. He’s more than 2/3rds of my height! I’m going to be looking up at him before the end of elementary school! And he’s still under 40 pounds.

So I need a new nickname.

And he needed a space shuttle birthday cake.

Space shuttle cake construction – easy. Bake a cake in a 9×13″ pan. Cut off the two top corners and stick them on the bottom sides.

Space shuttle cake icing – almost easy. Freeze the cake first, and less crumbs come off in the icing process. But buy a cake board bigger than 13×9.

Space shuttle details – um, hard. I suck at piping. Google images has much better examples. Some with candy! Candy probably would have tasted better than black icing, too…

Maybe Twizzlers out of the bottom as fire… Man, this one could have been a lot cooler.

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  1. Love the cake! Oh, I wish my boys were still that age. My 12yo towers over me and shaves! AHH! Thanks for visiting my blog. Here’s the link to the Mother/Daughter Gowns in case you couldn’t find it Happy Friday!

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