I Know What Boys Like Quilt – Stripping

Ha, got your attention there, didn’t I?

My cousin is having twins. I bought a jelly roll and two panels of Frolic, figuring at least ONE of them had to be a girl, and the boy would just get a little more blue in his.

They’re both boys.

So, new plan! I got scraps from my mother, my sister, and my own, and I decided on zig-zags of all the things little boys like. The quilts will be similar; a lot of the fabrics will be the same but in different positions. It’s made with 2.5×4.5″ strips. I could have sewn some together and then cut, especially in the middle, but I really didn’t have a plan so I cut and then laid out and then sewed.

BTW, a jelly roll strip will yield nine pieces. A fat quarter will yield between 28-30 depending on how well it was cut. A regular quarter yard, IF it’s straight (or someone generously cuts an extra inch), will yield 34.

My EQ design had 10×10 blocks, but I laid out 10×9 for some reason. By the time I realized it, everything was FINALLY perfectly laid out, so I wasn’t about to mess around with it again. I’ll let it be my Amish mistake. Or, um, I need that block space for the border. Yeah, that’s it!

While I was laying out the various pieces, someone decided my empty spaces looked like landing strips.

My cousin has been calling the boys her “cubs” so I’ve been looking for backing fabric with bears. Cartoony, not wildlife. Hopefully in a pattern that has two different color backgrounds so they will each be different but yet the same. Haven’t found anything just yet, but I have another month to hunt.

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Welcome to the Jungle Quilt – Finished!

While I was in New Jersey, I got to meet my cousins’ babies, who are not babies any more but still got baby quilts.

Tried taking a picture of the finished quilt outside for the natural lighting and such. I think it came out better than my usual photos, at least.

Inside, same time of day. I guess I can see why people prefer to take pictures outside.

I quilted in wonky lines. Some are, um, less straight than others.

I ended up hand-stitching the binding instead of using rick-rack. Maybe on the next one… I just really love the way hand-stitched looks, even though it’s a pain to do sometimes.

I think he likes it!

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Charm Pack Quilt-Along

At Web Fabrics, I bought a couple charm packs of Love U by Deb Strain. I’ve been in serious love with this fabric since it came out, but for some reason, I haven’t bought anything but the panel and ABC book panel. Maybe because my quilt shop doesn’t tend to carry pre-cuts of the kiddie fabrics, and I never had a quilt in mind? But at $6.95 for TWO charm packs, I couldn’t resist. And then I came home to find out KarrieLyne is having a charm pack quilt-along!
Freckled Whimsy

Sweet! I have a bunch of leftover white from the pinwheels on the fairy quilt, so minus buying another charm pack and a couple yards to go with the panel on the back, I’m set!

I’m totally sold on the first design on the right in her layout post.

So my goal has been to get 10 charms into HST every day. It’s slowly coming along.

I don’t know where it’s going in the end. I’m thinking with the butterflies, probably to the Gator. Then I can make the ABC book and give it to her brother. Or maybe I’ll sell both the quilt and the book at the craft show this November. Or maybe I’ll keep it for myself despite the kiddie fabric. Because I really, really like the Love U fabric.

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Exploring the feet of my machine

Specifically, overedge and blind hem.

Ooh, look at that! Professional!

(Though she, of course, posted it about a week after I finally figured it out, the Scientific Seamstress has the best tutorial I’ve seen on blind hems. I hope she does rolled hems next…)

Followed by the gathering stitch on the machine. I would kill for a ruffler foot. (Hint, hint, moms that read the blog.) I adore my machine. I just push the screen to the task I want to do, and it tells me the correct foot and sets the tension and such automatically. Coming from a very basic Brother, it’s magic!

A summer dress and two bloomers for my niece, A. We’re going to the beach with them in a few months and I can’t wait to see the ruffles on her butt! I have enough leftover fabric to make another top, one of my favorites that I stole from my mother. (In fact, that top is the reason I went hunting through her patterns in the first place.)

This dress and bloomers was Simplicity 4243. Not difficult at all, although I wasn’t thrilled with finishing the collar and armholes with single-fold. My mother-in-law made the same top and finished it with pinked fabric, and I think it looks nicer. Love the pleats, though! (Hey, a ruffler foot does pleats, too…)

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Sashing – Cinderelly Quilt

The only thing I did at my parents’ house was cut the sashing. The only thing I did at my in-laws was sew the sashing. But hey, that incredibly complex step is done now!

Next up, a white border, then a Fairy Frost border, then another white border.

And, of course, the slightly-more-complex quilt top.

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Where have I been?

No, it’s where haven’t I been, I suppose! In early June, the Dude and I headed out on a massive road trip. We drove to St. Louis to visit his best friend from Washington. His mom has been sewing thanks to my bad influence and she’s getting pretty good at it. 😉

From there, it was Cleveland for a wedding. From there, Virginia to spend a few weeks with my family. I brought my sewing machine because I thought I’d have time to relax with it while someone else (Gramma) watched the Dude. Well, I cut the sashing for Cinderelly, but that’s about it. I did sort through Mom’s patterns and fabric, and brought back a GIANT box of scraps (my 8th grade graduation dress included) and some really fun 70s patterns. The 80s patterns Mom got to keep.

From there, New Jersey to visit my cousins and their babies. From there, Pennsylvania to visit Chocolate World my in-laws. From there, home via Paducah, Kentucky.

Yes, THE Paducah. I didn’t convince the Dude to see the Quilt Museum, but we did hit up Hancock’s. And Jackman’s in O’Fallon, Ill., and Web Fabrics in Purcellville, Va. Hancock’s had a crapload of fabrics, yes, but it wasn’t really a “quilt shop.” And no fat quarters at all beyond the Moda pre-cuts. For the kind of store it is, Fabric Depot in Portland is better. Although they have table of bolt ends for $6 a yard and I was lost there for a good while…

Web Fabrics was definitely my favorite of the three. It’s little and warm and cozy and the sales staff was very friendly. The cutting girl offered to cut a fat quarter when I asked for a quarter yard. They give a little scrap piece with every sale. Plus, they had Christmas front and center!!

I shouldn’t go fabric hunting with my sister, though. She held up a pirate treasure map fabric and said it would be cute for a little boy. Um, yeah. I bought it two months ago. Three months before we knew what her baby would be. (Spoiler alert: it’s a boy!)

Road trip ended up being over 4,000 miles and around 50 hours in the car.

But now I’m back and sewing and sharing. And since no post is complete without pictures, Tycho and I finally came to an agreement about him sitting on my sewing stuff.


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