I Know What Boys Like Quilt – Stripping

Ha, got your attention there, didn’t I?

My cousin is having twins. I bought a jelly roll and two panels of Frolic, figuring at least ONE of them had to be a girl, and the boy would just get a little more blue in his.

They’re both boys.

So, new plan! I got scraps from my mother, my sister, and my own, and I decided on zig-zags of all the things little boys like. The quilts will be similar; a lot of the fabrics will be the same but in different positions. It’s made with 2.5×4.5″ strips. I could have sewn some together and then cut, especially in the middle, but I really didn’t have a plan so I cut and then laid out and then sewed.

BTW, a jelly roll strip will yield nine pieces. A fat quarter will yield between 28-30 depending on how well it was cut. A regular quarter yard, IF it’s straight (or someone generously cuts an extra inch), will yield 34.

My EQ design had 10×10 blocks, but I laid out 10×9 for some reason. By the time I realized it, everything was FINALLY perfectly laid out, so I wasn’t about to mess around with it again. I’ll let it be my Amish mistake. Or, um, I need that block space for the border. Yeah, that’s it!

While I was laying out the various pieces, someone decided my empty spaces looked like landing strips.

My cousin has been calling the boys her “cubs” so I’ve been looking for backing fabric with bears. Cartoony, not wildlife. Hopefully in a pattern that has two different color backgrounds so they will each be different but yet the same. Haven’t found anything just yet, but I have another month to hunt.

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