Five Pounds…

…of tomatoes…

…leads to…

…leads to…

…the most awesome roasted tomato base. Half will become sauce, half will become soup. (The peppers on the side of the basket did not go in the base. Super hot salsa in this house!)

I’m picking another five pounds about twice a week now, all San Marzano and Roma. I got about three Rutgers off six plants, and there’s not a single tomato left nor a flower blooming. So disappointing to this Jersey Girl!

Peppers are doing spectacular – California Bell, Jalapeno, and Habanero. Peas and beans never came in for some reason. I might plant a couple more seeds when I plant some fall crops, if it’s ever cool enough outside to plant! Right now we’re outside for a total of five minutes to pick tomatoes. I’m not a fan of this over-100º weather. Neither is the Dude. He’s less tan now than he was in June.

I also have one carrot that my friendly bunny never ate. Bunny ate the weeds right next to the carrot, though! Bunny is awesome. I’ve tried taking his picture, but somehow it never works with the Dude right next to me yelling, “It’s a BUNNY!!”

And all the herbs are growing massive. Luckily, Alton Brown just did an episode on drying herbs, so I’ll be picking up a box fan and some air filters soon. Because AB told me to.

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