Stroller Bag & A Vacation Passport

Goodness gracious, I was gone for a while! I have excuses, of course. My husband went TDY to San Antonio, so the Wee One and I had to go visit him! Which killed the car battery. Coming back, I was sick for a day, followed by an immediate need to pack and get out of town before a snowstorm shut down the airports. Luckily we were on the 6 a.m. flight. And, if the battery hadn’t died in San Antonio, it would have died sitting dormant in airport parking for 19 days, so, um, at least we didn’t have to deal with that after getting back from Christmas/Disney World.

Yes, Disney World! Not for Christmas, though. First we ran around the Eastern Seaboard visiting family. We had to go to Disney to get a vacation from our vacation! My husband and I “ran” the half-marathon in the coldest, wettest weather ever. Seriously. Florida. 32 degrees. Icy rain. I set the bar for future half-marathons reallllllly low.

On the plus side, we got a good amount of looks at the stroller bag and a decent amount of comments.  We bought little 12-ounce bottles of water and stuck them in various pockets – perfect fits! And wipes and napkins and other various child-related items fit neatly in the bag. Items like gloves and hats and scarves. Did I mention it was cold?

I didn’t finish lining the stroller bag (though I will…someday) but I found fun Mickey ribbon at a JoAnn’s in San Antonio to tie off the top. See? It was totally worth the drive! (I also saw some great Mickey dangly-sparkly-trim, but I restrained myself. For some reason.)

Another fun thing we did for the Wee One was a vacation passport. Idea totally stolen from the DIS wedding boards.

I bought a little 4×6, 99-cent photo album from Walmart and cut some Mickey scrapbook paper to fit. On each page, we wrote the park we were going to, important events (three o’clock parade – 3 p.m.), and our dining reservations. The Wee One and his auntie decorated it with stickers on the airplane, and he checked it every day to make sure we were going to the right place. (“Mom, this page says M-G-M, but the tram driver said ‘Hollywood Studios.'”)

Each page slips out of the sleeve, so minus the stickers, it’s reuseable for the next vacation. Take out the first page and it’s reuseable for ANY vacation. (Just kidding. Where else is there to vacation?)

So, I’m back and I’m sewing. I have three new projects, plus four quilts to make by April. And I’m taking the plunge and starting to display my wares for sale among friends. Not to mention a big surprise coming in March. Stay tuned!

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Kid Craft – Halloween Ghosties

I like this one because it’s easy on Mommy, and uses stuff you have around the house. Or, at least, stuff I have around the house. Just:

tissue paper (can be leftovers), coffee filters (which you can skip), ribbon (or something to tie with) and styrofoam balls (or pom-poms or bouncy balls or anything round.)

It helps to have an “expert color-er” as well.

Oh yeah, these are some colorful ghosts.

For the little ones (1.5″ Styrofoam balls), I cut the tissue paper into fourths. For the big ones (2″ balls) I used the whole sheet. Cut enough ribbon to tie a loop. Cut a slit as wide as the ribbon in the coffee filter and tissue paper. Slide ribbon through. Curse when you realize you cut the slit too big. Tape ribbon into place on bottom of coffee filter. Pile the whole mess together – ball, filter, tissue paper – and tie another piece of ribbon under the ball. Hand ghost to small child for decorating.

They look great on the mantle.

They* look great on a chandelier.

They will not look great hanging outside.


*The chandelier ones were made with cut up egg cartons instead of balls. I don’t recommend it. Not nicely rounded. Halloween ideas for egg cartons:





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