PJ pants are so easy!

Man, I love the remnants bin. Dino fleece, just enough for PJ pants, for $1! Whipped it together yesterday when I ran out of variegated green thread for the jungle quilt.

Used the same pattern as the Christmas jammies, except added four inches to the bottom. Maybe these will last longer than two months!

Tried to figure out the blind stitch hem on the waist. Even when folding an index card to match the picture in my manual, I couldn’t figure it out. I’m going to hunt down a tutorial on Youtube and try to get it right on the pant legs. After I finish up the jungle quilt, now that I have another spool to work with!

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Christmas Jammies (for the Gator)

Finished the Gator’s Christmas jammies today! Yay for matching jammies! (Poor, poor children.) The only changes I made from the Wee One’s was to make her’s shorter. Much shorter. My kid is tall! And went through another growth spurt after I made his jammies… Hmm, did I ever get around to hemming his pants?

I did learn from my mistakes on the Wee One’s. I sewed the accent edging on before sewing the sleeves together – wow, isn’t that much easier? I also tried “overlocking” the edges with my zigzag stitch. I’m not sure it worked great. Have I mentioned my desire for a serger? And a Pfaff? (But that’s another post.)

“What do you mean, can I get any closer? Is that a challenge?”

Finished! Minus the hemming. But since she’s there and I’m here, hemming has to be done by someone there. I have a feeling there’s going to be very little red accent when the hemming is done, but I wanted to make sure there was enough in case!

And yeah, the stupid V at the neck came out bad on her’s too. Next time, I’m skipping that. (Assuming they can get it over their heads without it!)

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Christmas Pajamas, Finished (and pants are incredibly easy!)

I finished most of the Christmas jammies today, after discovering that pants are the easiest thing in the world to sew. Well, if you have enough fabric and you’re not spending an hour adding a contrast waistband and cuffs to make up the difference.

But first, the shirt. I widened the arm holes, so I wasn’t sure what changes the sleeves would need. So I cut a practice arm out of some jersey knit I had around (looooooong story, it’ll be a stash project someday) and after spending an hour figuring out what the instructions meant (hint: you can’t pin it laying flat on a table), I figured out I was only missing about an inch.

And there is where I just love freezer paper for patterns. All I had to do was slice it down the middle and add the bit I needed!

Voila! Attached sleeves!

For the pants, like I said, ran out of fabric, so I added the contrasting red to the waistband. Instead of sewing the elastic under the hem like the pattern says, I threaded it through afterward. Easiest thing ever! And I didn’t have to worry about accidentally sewing the elastic in the seam. (Speaking of seams, I so want a serger. Too bad I already asked for a Netbook for Christmas!)

And finished pictures! With a most unwilling subject! (Mom, I’m trying to play the gaaaaaaaame!)

I’m going to sew the V up a bit (and make the Gator’s much shallower in the first place!) and add contrast trim to the arm cuffs. And probably add a pocket on the shirt and pants in the contrast after I finish his robe and know how much of the contrast I have left over!

In unrelated news, I picked up my vintage Singer from Prairie Quilt this morning! Woohoo! Also signed up for the quilting class and picked up fabric for my sister’s Cinderella Quilt and my new baby niece’s butterfly quilt. Because I don’t have enough projects. I plan on working on Cinderella and ignoring the PIP Cars quilt tomorrow. The Wee One will be happy with jammies for a while, right?

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Christmas Pajamas – Fabric & Pattern(??)

I have a wipe-off board separated into months. Guess how many of September’s projects I finished? Well, two, that’s not terribly bad. But it’s not the five I had planned! So naturally, I think the best solution is to add to that and try to make the Wee One’s Christmas jammies by the end of the month. Just ‘cuz Sew Mama Sew told me to!

This is my first attempt ever to make clothing – and it’s actually going better than the &#@%$ elephant sewing pattern. Of cours, I bought the pattern two years ago, when the Wee One might have actually fit size 2, the largest size in this pattern. So there’s been some modifications – basically a little bit wider and a lot a bit longer. And once I started modifying, well, I didn’t stop.

The pattern is (originally!) Simplicity 8493. I’m making B, the long-sleeve, long pants jammies. And eventually A, the robe.

The fabric is from JoAnn’s Debbie Mumm collection, a nice warm flannel picked out by the Wee One, with some prompting from Mommy to get matching red for the robe/accents.

So far, in addition to cutting the shirt slightly wider, I decided to edge it with the accent flannel instead of doing the interfacing. Since the Gator eats jammie buttons, I never planned on doing the neckline the same, anyway. I cut it into a V instead of the |_| shape the pattern had, since it’s too hard to turn inner corners with binding. Or at least, I don’t know how! I still need to stitch the V better at the bottom.

Of course, this and the pants are the easy part. Since I cut the sleeve holes wider – and probably need to cut them wider still – I’m not really sure what modifications will need to be done to the sleeves themselves. I plan on experimenting with freezer paper before cutting fabric!

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