Homemade Christmas (Another Two Crayon Rolls)

Nothing too special about these. Made completely from leftovers from the PiP Cars Quilt. (Which will NOT be done for Christmas. Maybe his birthday…)

So I don’t remember where any of the fabric is from, but you can likely find it at Joann’s, Hobby Lobby, Fabric Depot, Walmart… The checkered flag (here I come!) is from Hobby Lobby – that one I remember because I bought it last month when I thought I might actually work on the PiP Cars Quilt for Christmas.

I actually had another blue Cars fabric that I was going to use instead of the checkered flag (here I come!), but I cut it the wrong size. Back in the scrap bin!

They both have interfacing inside since I didn’t use pre-quilted fabric on the back – and not fusible interfacing, just the regular stuff that I bought for about a $1.50 at the local thrift store. Love that place for random scraps!

The first one, I sewed the interfacing in the last step, while sewing everything together. The second one, I sewed the interfacing to the backside of the up-and-down lines. For some reason, I think the second method works better.

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Another Two Crayon Rolls

Mostly to note, I love my chalk writer. Love, love, love, love, love it! Because you know what you can do with it?

That’s right, you can draw perfectly straight lines exactly an inch apart! Woo!

The other thing I changed up was sewing the ribbon into the side with the first seam instead of the final seam. I think it worked better, in that I didn’t have to worry about that staying in place while sewing close to the edge. I did backstitch over the ribbon to make sure it’s secure.

These are for the girl cousins on my Christmas list. I love the horse fabric – it’s Horseplay by Connie Haley for Elizabeth’s Studio, and I bought it at Jackman’s in Fairview Heights, IL, while visiting a friend over Thanksgiving. It’s muted and pink and horsey without being too much of it!

The princesses are from Hobby Lobby, and it’s a very stiff fabric (in contrast, I have a “glittery” Fairy Frost by Michael Miller that is so soft!) I cut out another Princess Aurora between Snow White and Cinderella, so that all three would get to be seen. Look at that, prior planning!

Oh, and both of them have some pre-quilted pink for the back. It was in the remnants section. What can I say? I love cheap backing!

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Two More Crayon Rolls

One for a friend, one for my niece. And some mistakes! The pink, sewed the slots a little too large so there’s only room for eleven crayons. And the blue, oops, put the planes on upside down. Oh well, at least they’re going to people who love me enough to forgive my mistakes. :p

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Stash Project – Crayon Roll

I have a lot of extra fabric. But unlike many other stashes, mine is from projects I started…and never finished. Mostly because, um, what the hell was I thinking when I started? (My husband says the same thing every time he looks at the one chair I painted. Stripping chairs takes a long time.)

This was my first, uh, um, “quilt.” I started it seven years ago when we were first married. I knew even less about quilting then. The burgundy is pre-quilted fabric. The green floral fabric is not. And look at those amazingly straight sashings! Er, right. The best I can say is the fabrics really match well. Go me!


I have approximately 1.5 yards of the burgundy uncut, and 20 10.5″ (hey, look, I knew about 1/4″ seams back then!) blocks. Er, that’s including the twelve I have to seam rip there.


I can only assume I was planning on using the green floral as backing as well as sashing, because there’s a buttload of it. 3.5 yards, not counting the already-cut sashing. Today’s project barely made a dent in it.

Oh, and topping off the pile is a cute sunflower fabric that I once used to cover a papasan chair. It didn’t really work. So now I have almost 2 yards of that. It goes well with this fabric, so it will probably be used.


And today’s project was…


I give credit to my older sister, who found the first link over a year ago. I don’t remember who’s site it was, but just about every sewing mom has one. Google says: Skip to My Lou, Chocolate on My Cranium, Nested – they all have a tutorial. Every sewing mom on Etsy has them in their shop. Crayon rolls are the hip thing to have in your diaper bag. Or the bag you toss whatever you can remember to take with you in the morning. Luckily, the Wee One packs his own stuff, and he was very excited about this project.

For the most part, I followed the online tutorials. 5″ for the outside and inner fabric, 6″ folded over for the crayon slots. Instead of interfacing, I used the pre-quilted fabric. Seems to work as well, but a bit bulkier.

I only did 12 crayon slots – which, each slot is 1″ except the first and last, which are 1.25″. So my fabric was 12.5″ long. If you want 13 crayons, you use 13.5″ – (11) 1″ + (2) 1.25″. Etc, etc.

I foloowed Nested’s suggestion of continuous line sewing, because I hate stopping and starting. And really, going up 5″, turning the corner, over 1″, turning the corner, down 5″ – 12 times! – is so much easier. I marked my 1″ with pins because I couldn’t find my fabric pen.


Sewn right sides together. I left the entire right side open for flipping, in case I royally screwed up and needed easier seam ripping. But for once I did it right, and even the top and bottom stitches from the continuous lines were hidden.


Sure, my lines aren’t straight. But every crayon fits and that’s what counts, right?


The Wee One is happy, for now, but he wants one in a “boy” fabric. Also, one in marker size. That requires buying interfacing and rifling through my stash. I should have the right amount of Air Force fabric for a crayon roll after trimming down the airplane block quilt I’m working on. Which really needs to be tomorrow’s project!

Oh, and the burgundy pre-quilted fabric should yield 33 of these suckers. At 30 minutes to sew, I think I will have a nice pile for the holiday sale in November. And then I will have a little bit less stash. But still a whole lot of that green floral…

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