Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer, Goooooo!

The Wee One is determined. That sounds better than stubborn, right? He decided the day after Halloween last year that he was going to be Speed Racer this year. Seeing as he was three and that age is naturally capricious, I didn’t believe it would last and didn’t buy the costume on clearance.

Yeah, determined.

Eleven months later, he still wants to be Speed Racer. The costume is not in stores because, let’s face it, Speed did not do well enough in theaters to merchandise into two years. (I’ve watched it with the Wee One about 600 times now. I still can’t follow the plot.) Meanwhile, there’s more Cars cars released every day.

I was going to go simple – a blue shirt, red scarf, white pants, maybe a white jacket if I felt daring.

But then Hobby Lobby had a pattern sale. One week it was Simplicity, one week McCall’s.

McCall’s has a jumpsuit pattern.

(McCall’s also carries Hilary Duff’s line, and some of that stuff is cute! Um, for, like, tweens and stuff. Hey, she’s on Gossip Girl, I can think she’s cool now, right?)

For 99 cents, I’ll buy a pattern. For about $4, I’llĀ  buy some white and blue broadcloth. Blue and white ribbon came from my stash, and there you have it. A $5 costume.

Well, not just magically. It took about an hour to cut it out and two hours to sew it.

The Wee One helpfully checks the pattern size.

The cat helpfully…well, no. He’s pretty much just a pain. (The Wee One says Tycho wants to be Speed Racer for Halloween, too, causing me to say “We are not making a jumpsuit for the cat.” Words I’d never thought I’d say before having a boy. Wedge wants to be a “Halloween cat” for Halloween. Since he’s already black, I think we’re good.)

Also note my inspiration, Speed Racer. There’s very few pictures online of the full jumpsuit! (Too bad, because Speed’s butt was very… Okay, nevermind on that one…)

I followed the instructions on sewing the jumpsuit – although, obviously, I didn’t have a color contrast in front. I also sewed the outer legs before I was supposed to, so I had a seam to sew the racing stripe to.

It made the sleeves a heck of a lot harder, but it was worth it in the end.

Still need to hem it, and add the collar and belt. Oh, and find a white helmet somewhere…

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