Upcycling Some Clothes

Every time we go away, I become determined to post here while we’re there. I even upload pictures so everything is ready to go. But the beach…it’s easier to do nothing there.

So here we go on catch-up!

Sent this off to my niece before we left. The tank top is one that my sisters and I wore in high school – I think at one point, we each had one. Unfortunately, none of us are high school size any more.

I cut the straps on the tank to make ties and cut the sides and bottom down to Gator-size.

The skirt was originally a shirt from Old Navy, and such high quality that it ripped the first time I wore it. I sliced it off right below the holes and stitched it right to the bottom of the tank. No hemming!!

It’s a little too big, but hey, at least it’s at my sister’s house now and not at mine. Anything that moves fabric out of my piles is good!

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Shirr, why not?

I’ve been a little afraid to try shirring. I have no idea why. It’s so freaking easy! And with long straps and a Mommy who can hem, I can make the Gator a dress that will last a couple of summers.

I wound the elastic thread by machine, because I’m lazy. On the slowest setting, it wound nicely – not too loose, not too tight.

It was harder to get used to sewing on the right side of the fabric!

Two rows down and it was already starting to bunch up nicely. I used the gathering stitch on my machine and straightened the rows out only about five inches ahead and a couple of inches behind while I stitched.

After ten rows, my hands were starting to hurt, so I decided that was plenty of rows.

The finished back. That lovely shirring hasn’t even been steamed (that feature broke on my iron a long, long time ago.) It’s a bit long so that my sister can let down the hem next summer, and the summer after, and…

And don’t call me Shirley!

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Yummy Apron

Another gift for the Gator, this time for her birthday. This one wasn’t about the design, but the yummy, yummy fabric. Couldn’t you just eat it up? It just screams “make an apron out of me!” It’s Just Desserts by Diane Knott for Clothworks, but I can’t find a photo online. I bought it at Jackman’s in Fairview Heights, IL.

There’s nothing special about the apron design – it’s a basic chef’s apron to showcase the fabric, with a ruffle on top. (I’m never doing ruffles again without a ruffler/gatherer foot for my machine. Just so you know. But since I’ve got bunches of patterns that need gathering and ruffles, guess what I’m buying?)

I did cut and pin and sew it very carefully to make the sprinkle row continue on. Because I’m that anal awesome.

My Cabbage Patch Kid, Dorothy Kathryn, models the matching doll apron. Yes, she’s an original from the 80s, and yes, the Wee One does not appreciate her. The Gator adopted my sister’s CPK, though, so Dorothy Kathryn will be a model a lot.

After it was done, I realize the neck loop was way too big (a hint: it fit over my head) so I ended up slicing it in half and quick hemming it before putting it in the mail.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with the extra half yard…. It doesn’t go with my kitchen (though Diane Knott’s Caffeine Cafe does!)

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Homemade Christmas – Tutu

What? Just because Christmas was two months ago, I can’t have a post about it? I’m telling you – I’m just that far behind!

Anyway, this is a great, easy, year-round project. Every girl needs a tutu. And my niece, the Gator, needed a “purple and hot pink” tutu, to be exact. I used the knotted method of tutu-making.

Things I did differently:

I bought three spools of 6″ tulle (25 yards). It’s more expensive. Way more expensive. However, it also involves less cutting, since all the strips are the right size.

I cut the strips to about 20-25″ long. (This used about 25 yards of tulle, total, so you can get it out of one spool. But who wants a single color tutu?)

I didn’t stack the tulle in each knot – I knotted each one separately. Actually, I did double-stack them at first, but I thought it made the waist very thick, so I undid the whole thing and single-knotted it.

I did add ribbon every three knots, in the requested hot pink.

Did she like it?

Well, she wanted to wear it to swim class the next day. So… 🙂

(BTW, yes, she’s wearing the Christmas jammies I made. I can’t even begin to describe how much I hate how the top came out. Ick. Not to mention, the Wee One needs a new name because he grew two inches after I made his Christmas jammies, hence the wearing of the Christmas capris.)

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