Exploring the feet of my machine

Specifically, overedge and blind hem.

Ooh, look at that! Professional!

(Though she, of course, posted it about a week after I finally figured it out, the Scientific Seamstress has the best tutorial I’ve seen on blind hems. I hope she does rolled hems next…)

Followed by the gathering stitch on the machine. I would kill for a ruffler foot. (Hint, hint, moms that read the blog.) I adore my machine. I just push the screen to the task I want to do, and it tells me the correct foot and sets the tension and such automatically. Coming from a very basic Brother, it’s magic!

A summer dress and two bloomers for my niece, A. We’re going to the beach with them in a few months and I can’t wait to see the ruffles on her butt! I have enough leftover fabric to make another top, one of my favorites that I stole from my mother. (In fact, that top is the reason I went hunting through her patterns in the first place.)

This dress and bloomers was Simplicity 4243. Not difficult at all, although I wasn’t thrilled with finishing the collar and armholes with single-fold. My mother-in-law made the same top and finished it with pinked fabric, and I think it looks nicer. Love the pleats, though! (Hey, a ruffler foot does pleats, too…)

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Twisted Sister Ribbon Blankie

Hmmm, what to do with all these scraps?

Matching ribbon blankie!

This is the first thing I’ve ever made “wonkily” – it’s very un-OCD! I sewed together four varying strips, twice (okay, in the same sequence on both blocks), then sliced them in half – ooh, but NOT in half! More like three-quarters and one-quarter! Daring! And then pieced as shown.

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Homemade Christmas (Ribbon Blankie)

Another Christmas present made from scraps! This is a ribbon blankie for my new niece (not the Gator.) The pink edging and the satin are from a quilt I made two years ago and probably from Joann’s; the flannel is Hobby Lobby and from the Butterfly Baby quilt. The un-pictured backside is the same pink pre-quilted as the previous couple of crayon rolls.

Instead of pinning and worrying about the pins inside while turning the blankie, I pinned and sewed all the ribbons to the backside first. Then I sandwiched everything and sewed the sides together. I think this gives an extra bit of hold to the ribbons, with two sets of stitches holding it in. And it eliminates the worry of stabbing yourself with a pin while turning.

And yes, I know that’s not the most perfect of intersections, despite using the sew-then-slice quarter square triangle method. I’m going with satin is way hard to sew with. Yep, blaming the fabric.

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Stash Project – Ribbon Blankie

A year ago, my goddaughter, Roo, was born. I made her a quilt – seen here in an unfinished state. As you can see, yes, I was pretty bad at the quilting stuff back then, too. Plus, the symmetry is so completely off, but non-OCD people thought it was fine and I really didn’t want to be seam ripping.


So anyway, I had leftover pink satin and leftover yellow backing, which Roo’s mom bought in Hawaii. (Nothing like someone handing you a yard of fabric and saying, “Here, make something with this!”) I always told her I’d make something out of the extra fabric, and so, just in time for a belated birthday present, here it is. (Get used to the belated stuff, Roo. Your godmother runs five minutes behind for everything.)

Like the crayon roll, there’s about a million blogs with descriptions on how to make  ribbon blankies. I adapted from Chica and Jo – mine is much smaller, only 6×6″ because that’s all the yellow I had left. My ribbon loops are also only 3″ long total (so 1.5″ looped) and of course, being a quasi-quilter, I used 1/4″ seams. Also, a handy tip – they pinned the ribbons with the pins on the inside once you start sewing. I pinned from the backside so I could remove the pins before turning it right-side-out, and avoided getting jabbed.


I bought two rolls of ribbon, the green with pink flowers and pink with green edges. Everything else came out of a remnants bag from Hobby Lobby.

The only time-consuming part is pinning everything together. It stitches together nicely in under five minutes. I think I’m going to go around the edge with a decorative stitch just to hold everything into place for good.


Personally, I like this size – it’s baby-hand-sized. Or maybe I’m just more used to the Wee One’s tiny, um, scrap of a blankie.

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