Not a Rhinestone Cowgirl…

This year’s holiday party theme is Hoedown. I don’t do cowboy boots and cowboy hats. In fact, I pretty much don’t do cowboy.

So I decided to make a skirt out of bandannas, with some vague asymmetrical pattern in my mind, and call it a day. Except then I saw some cute bandanna-like fabric at Hobby Lobby, and a yard was cheaper than the amount of bandannas I would need to buy anyway. And I did have that skirt pattern from the 99-cent sale a while back…

I bought a yard, and boy was it barely enough. I did plan on cutting it shorter in the first place, and make a lining out of cheaper muslin, so I didn’t actually need to cut four. (Well, I did, four total, two on folded fabric.)

I like where I stopped – there’s just a tiny bit of the flip in the bottom instead of a whole lot.

I cut the lining about five times, making a ton of adjustments and errors, and finally realized, um, the pattern worked exactly as it was (except shorter.) Good thing it was just the lining!

The pattern gives the same seams in the front and back. Which works perfectly fine over my butt, but I don’t need butt seams in the front,thankyouverymuch!

So I drew a chalk line straight down (love the chalk pen!!) and then actually pinned and checked it before sewing! I know, I know, me, actually checking something before sewing it. It’s odd. Just to prove it’s still me, I took a crappy photo with flash. 😛

The most nerve-racking part was the zipper. I’ve only done one once, and it wasn’t to both the liner and skirt at the same time. Mom freaked me out last time I bought an invisible zipper, so I didn’t attempt one for this one. I wouldn’t say it turned out great, but it’s not terrible except near the bottom. And my shirt will cover it!

And the semi-finished product!

I still need to cut the bottom of the liner, and decide on the hem. I’m thinking black sparkly beads or white lace. Something fun! The shirt has black beads, so if I can match them… And of course, I need to hem the top. I’m thinking about being lazy and just doing black double-fold binding.

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