Yoga Hopscotch Mat

For the Wee One’s end of school gift to his teachers, I thought about a handprint quilt. Then I ran out of time. Then I thought about sewing a hopscotch mat like the one the Wee One has been brainwashed asking for after seeing it on Nick JR. Then I ran out of time. When I started Googling for solutions, I read a site mentioning putting a yoga mat as the back to keep it from slipping.

Well, why not skip the middleman?

We headed to Walmart and bought a yoga mat (not the greatest color choices, but what can you do when Walmart is the only option?) and a pack of Sharpies. I already had the painter’s tape leftover at home. A little measuring and math, and I discovered 8″ squares with 1″ borders would fit the best. (The mat was 68×24″.)

I taped out the squares – the singles are 7″ from the edge, and the doubles are 2.5″. I think I started about 2.5″ up from the edge.

Then I printed out numbers (Snap ITC at 300 – too cute!), traced, and filled everything in. It took one blue and two red Sharpies. The bean bag is made out of cute number fabric I got for the original project. Now I have two yards that I don’t know what to do with… Maybe next year I’ll make a handprint quilt…

The second-to-last day of school was a rainy day, so the kids got to try it out immediately.

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Setting a New Record – Kites Over Enid

The local Habitat for Humanity decided to break the world record for kites flown simultaneously last week. They were actually very organized – the huge field was broken down into grids, with 100 people per square. Still, when almost 3,000 kites are involved, there was lots of tangling! Luckily, when we brought down the Wee One’s and the four kits tangled to it, we were able to cut his free without damaging the line.

We only set the North American record – kids in Gaza set the world record only a month before. But still, it’s fun to say we were a part of the record setting!

Shortly afterward, he let go with his other hand. Chasing a kite is fun!

Kite flying is SERIOUS business.

Who’s surprised by the Mickey Mouse kite?

These were the kites sold at the event. Near impossible to get up and control. But fun as long as it’s not in the hands of a four year old!

Probably about 2,000 or so of the kites. They brought in all the middle school kids to help fly.

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