Yoga Hopscotch Mat

For the Wee One’s end of school gift to his teachers, I thought about a handprint quilt. Then I ran out of time. Then I thought about sewing a hopscotch mat like the one the Wee One has been brainwashed asking for after seeing it on Nick JR. Then I ran out of time. When I started Googling for solutions, I read a site mentioning putting a yoga mat as the back to keep it from slipping.

Well, why not skip the middleman?

We headed to Walmart and bought a yoga mat (not the greatest color choices, but what can you do when Walmart is the only option?) and a pack of Sharpies. I already had the painter’s tape leftover at home. A little measuring and math, and I discovered 8″ squares with 1″ borders would fit the best. (The mat was 68×24″.)

I taped out the squares – the singles are 7″ from the edge, and the doubles are 2.5″. I think I started about 2.5″ up from the edge.

Then I printed out numbers (Snap ITC at 300 – too cute!), traced, and filled everything in. It took one blue and two red Sharpies. The bean bag is made out of cute number fabric I got for the original project. Now I have two yards that I don’t know what to do with… Maybe next year I’ll make a handprint quilt…

The second-to-last day of school was a rainy day, so the kids got to try it out immediately.

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