Charm Pack Quilt-Along – Starting the Blocks

I finally finished the four-patches on the Charm Pack Quilt Along, and started on the blocks. (Yeah, so it ended weeks ago. What’s your point?)

I have not been following the block instructions, because I’m a rebel, or something like that. I’ve been sewing together the three different rows, then when I have a pile of those, I arrange the colors and sew together a block. That way, if there’s too much yellow in one corner (see middle block), I can just swap another completed row.

(Someone knows the design wall is busy with something else.)

I am normally very OCD, but I love the randomness of this pattern. Too much blue in one block? Eh, put it next to a pink-er block. It all works out in the end. Love.

My niece, the Gator, informed me that she loves the colors in it. I’m so very not surprised. I had a feeling that’s where it would go from the beginning!

The summer-y charms have been alternating with a Christmas project. It’s a little confusing to have them both pinned and waiting for their turn on the machine!

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What’s Behind Door #1?

Finally started cleaning out the office/sewing room. The closet is filled with office supplies and fabric, so the door stays open. So does the regular door, which leaves a 12ish” gap on the wall. I guess enough room to hang a picture, but not really anything else…except maybe…

Oh, yeah! Guess who has a design wall now? (Like, finally?)

In action, the Charm Pack Quilt Along. Makes me want to get moving on those four-patches and get more on the wall!

The back is pieced from a 4×8′ insulation board. I cut off 12″ and 6″ to make it about 78×60″. Tycho is very suspicious that this will make it harder to lay on top of quilts.

It’s covered in flannel, taped at the back. I decided not to go with white because I use a lot of white in quilts.

So now there will be less design RE-layout due to cats and kids having fun in the living room. And also, less walking for me! (Wait, that’s not a good thing.)

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Charm Pack Quilt Along – Step Two

Poor, poor CPQA. It’s been relegated to leaders and enders in between the Zs of the I Know What Boys Like quilts. Everyone else is moving on to Step Three – ie, sewing the blocks together – and I’m still running a few four-patches through every day.

Of course, if you check out Step Two, you’ll figure out that I’m doing it the harder way so that each and every block has two different prints. Because I like making my life just a little bit harder.

At least I have this handy ruler to help. Another one of my 3-for-2 template purchases. This one was worth every penny and instantly easy to use. Plus, those little round things keep the fabric from moving. And how much do I love that extra 1/2″? A whole, whole lot.

Just need to remember, when switching between projects – cut 4.5″ for the Zs; cut 5″ for the CPQA…

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Charm Pack Quilt-Along – HST Done!

A week behind on the Quilt-Along, but I was running these through the machine between strips for the I Know What Boys Like Quilt and pressing seams during Buffy episodes. I love streaming Netflix.

Also, I like this ruler. Not quite love, but close. I had a coupon for “buy two, get one free” templates at Prairie Quilt’s Fat Quarter Frenzy. (Not discussing how many FQs I bought.) I bought a 4.5×8.5 ruler (that I do love) and a set of triangles that I plan on using for Cinderelly. Grabbed this one figuring if worse came to worst, I could use it to square up 6.5″ blocks.

It works fairly well, once you figure out how to line it up properly. It’s nice to have the smaller size and fewer markings – my other square is a full 12.5″ with markings all over it. However, it is slippery as all get out, so I need to borrow Freckled Whimsy’s tip and rubber-cement it. The instructions claim you can square it before pressing, but I’m not brave enough to try that. Not on this project, at least!

Ahhh… So glad that’s over with!

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Charm Pack Quilt-Along

At Web Fabrics, I bought a couple charm packs of Love U by Deb Strain. I’ve been in serious love with this fabric since it came out, but for some reason, I haven’t bought anything but the panel and ABC book panel. Maybe because my quilt shop doesn’t tend to carry pre-cuts of the kiddie fabrics, and I never had a quilt in mind? But at $6.95 for TWO charm packs, I couldn’t resist. And then I came home to find out KarrieLyne is having a charm pack quilt-along!
Freckled Whimsy

Sweet! I have a bunch of leftover white from the pinwheels on the fairy quilt, so minus buying another charm pack and a couple yards to go with the panel on the back, I’m set!

I’m totally sold on the first design on the right in her layout post.

So my goal has been to get 10 charms into HST every day. It’s slowly coming along.

I don’t know where it’s going in the end. I’m thinking with the butterflies, probably to the Gator. Then I can make the ABC book and give it to her brother. Or maybe I’ll sell both the quilt and the book at the craft show this November. Or maybe I’ll keep it for myself despite the kiddie fabric. Because I really, really like the Love U fabric.

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