Quilt Class Christmas Quilt – Fabric and Some Blocks

Did I mention I was taking a quilt class? Like, finally? Always wanted to in Spokane, signed up for one in San Antonio but no one else did, and finally, finally, in the smallest town I’ve lived in since, um, college, I get to take a class. But it’s okay because my teacher is awesome! It’s just me and another lady, so it’s very hands on. I’m learning a lot….and spending a lot. But for stuff I totally need! Love the chalk wheel. Who would have thought it was that easy? Really could have used it on the Cowboys quilt! Not to mention how much I want a Gypsy Gripper! And yet, I have yet to buy a 1/4″ foot for my machine. Christmas is coming, I’m told…

Let’s see if I can remember all the fabrics I’m using. Lots of Moda Crazy 8s, but my teacher encouraged me to look outside of one collection when planning.

The green is Moda Crazy 8 Christmas Mint. I completely forgot (and tossed the selvage) what the gold is – but it’s from the Christmas room. I thought it was a Benartex, but… I’ll check the bolt after the next class. The red is Twelve Days of a Froggy Christmas by Winky Wheeler (South Seas Imports.)

This block demonstrated strip sewing, which I already knew, but I did learn that it’s useful to plan out which way you’re ironing seams. And knowing what I was doing means I can brag about those awesome seams! Look at how nice they match up! If you look really closely, you can see that a lot of the “strands” on the lightbulbs follow along between the blocks – at least in my head. My comment on this caused my teacher to realize I’m OCD. If only she knew…

Not quite as awesome seams here… It took three tries to make the middle match up. But I did learn that you can take out about a half inch on each side of the seam instead of the whole thing! Saved a lot of seam ripping. I also learned the incredibly useful “sew then cut” method of half square triangles. That plus the chalk wheel to mark said lines, is so far the best thing I got out of class. Considering I’m planning pinwheels on the Jungle Babies quilt for my cousin’s baby, this method will make life so much easier!

The back side is more Moda Crazy 8s – the reindeer panel with Christmas Berry on the sides. I still need to decide how to do this – I’ll need it to be about 38×38, and the reindeer section of the panel is 31×24. There’s 11″ of fun squares under the reindeer, so I’m thinking about cutting those off and sewing them onto the sides…with some sashing…or maybe just cutting them off, using them elsewhere and just bordering the reindeer with the Berry…

Not pictured yet, but the sashing, border and binding for the front of the quilt is Moda Crazy 8s Berry Ornaments.

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