Happy Halloween!

My T-Rex picked out the fabric himself!

Also, you may want to visit my new blog. That’s right, I’m getting fancy(ish)!

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Where have I been?

No, it’s where haven’t I been, I suppose! In early June, the Dude and I headed out on a massive road trip. We drove to St. Louis to visit his best friend from Washington. His mom has been sewing thanks to my bad influence and she’s getting pretty good at it. 😉

From there, it was Cleveland for a wedding. From there, Virginia to spend a few weeks with my family. I brought my sewing machine because I thought I’d have time to relax with it while someone else (Gramma) watched the Dude. Well, I cut the sashing for Cinderelly, but that’s about it. I did sort through Mom’s patterns and fabric, and brought back a GIANT box of scraps (my 8th grade graduation dress included) and some really fun 70s patterns. The 80s patterns Mom got to keep.

From there, New Jersey to visit my cousins and their babies. From there, Pennsylvania to visit Chocolate World my in-laws. From there, home via Paducah, Kentucky.

Yes, THE Paducah. I didn’t convince the Dude to see the Quilt Museum, but we did hit up Hancock’s. And Jackman’s in O’Fallon, Ill., and Web Fabrics in Purcellville, Va. Hancock’s had a crapload of fabrics, yes, but it wasn’t really a “quilt shop.” And no fat quarters at all beyond the Moda pre-cuts. For the kind of store it is, Fabric Depot in Portland is better. Although they have table of bolt ends for $6 a yard and I was lost there for a good while…

Web Fabrics was definitely my favorite of the three. It’s little and warm and cozy and the sales staff was very friendly. The cutting girl offered to cut a fat quarter when I asked for a quarter yard. They give a little scrap piece with every sale. Plus, they had Christmas front and center!!

I shouldn’t go fabric hunting with my sister, though. She held up a pirate treasure map fabric and said it would be cute for a little boy. Um, yeah. I bought it two months ago. Three months before we knew what her baby would be. (Spoiler alert: it’s a boy!)

Road trip ended up being over 4,000 miles and around 50 hours in the car.

But now I’m back and sewing and sharing. And since no post is complete without pictures, Tycho and I finally came to an agreement about him sitting on my sewing stuff.


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My Stash

See that? Right there? That cost me $600.

No, not the fabric. That cat.

*sigh* Two rounds of antibiotics, X-rays and surgery removing a bladder stone. A reoccurring bladder stone. That’s the cost of the Brother Innovis 900 I was drooling over at the OKC Quilt Show a couple weekends ago.

In case you’re wondering, that’s the third shelf he’s sleeping on, about 4.5-5′ high. It’s good to know bladder surgery didn’t slow him down.

Anyway… A friend from high school asked me to make a crochet hook holder, and I told her I’d take a picture of some fabrics to give her a choice. After laying some out, I decided to take pictures of most of my fabric, instead, just to have around if other people are wanting something. It’s not everything I have – there’s a lot more scraps and usually most previously-pictured-projects have leftovers. But it’s the good sized chunks that can be used for various projects.

(As an aside, the shelf Tycho is sleeping on has my various collections-in-progress – Cars fabrics, Wizard of Oz fabrics, Monet/Renoir fabrics, and Cinderella fabrics. All of these, minus Cinderella for my sister, are personal projects, so I don’t mind if he sleeps on them!)

Some prints:

Greens and reds:

Pinks and browns and purples:


Yellows and tropical:



So if you see something you like, and you have a project in mind, let me know!

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