We’ll Make a Lovely Quilt for Cinderelly

With massive apologies to Mack David, Jerry Livingston, and Al Hoffman.

[Girl mice:]
We can do it, we can do it
We can help our Cinderelly
We can make her quilt so pretty
There’s nothing to it, really
We’ll tie a sash around it
Put a ribbon through it
When snuggling in the fall
She’ll be more beautiful than all
In the lovely quilt we’ll make for Cinderelly

Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry
Gonna help our Cinderelly
Got no time to dilly-dally
We gotta get a-goin’

I’ll cut with these scissors!

And I can do the sewing!

[Girl Mouse:]
Leave the sewing to the women
You go get some bindin’
And we’ll make a lovely quilt for

[Girl mice and Gus:]
We’ll make a lovely quilt for

This quilt is for my sister. She bought some Cinderella fabric a long time ago (no, I don’t know where!) and purple gingham with the plan to just quilt them together, somehow. And then I got my hands on it. And some sparkly princess fabric from Hobby Lobby. And some princess panels from my quilting teacher. (Anyone want Sleeping Beauty and Snow White?) I also bought several bits of purple fabric for possible backgrounds.

I spent an afternoon fussy cutting out all the scenes, adding up to eleven individual and completely different sized pieces. I decided to lay them out in a 3×4 grid, and I’ll make a glass slipper for the last panel and embroider the quote, “One Shoe Can Change Your Life.” All the pieces are under 12″ square, so I think it will be easiest to square them all to that. And by easiest, I mean, I have to do how much math? Good thing Mom is on her way out here!

Problem is, which fabric for the background?

This was my original thought, playing off her original gingham. Large checks for the background, small for the sashing and borders. But I’m not sure I have enough large checks… And also, it looks like purple threw up on my floor. Which, for her, isn’t actually a bad option.

Other options include big checks, pink starry flowers, dark purple stars, or little checks. I like the contrast of the two starry fabrics (and there’s stars on the scenes to match), but I’m not sure I have enough. I’m pretty sure I can hunt down more, but that involves hunting. For even more purple fabrics.

And also, secretly, I want a purple scrolly fabric I saw at Prairie Quilt. I want it so bad it might end up being the sashing and borders, despite the piles of purple in my stash.

So just with creating the 12″ squares, the quilt is 48×36. Add in 3″ borders and sashing and it’s 63×48. Which is a lovely lap quilt size and fits perfectly with my planned back. And oh, you’re gonna want to see my planned back.

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